March 24, 2010


Hi there FDA. Me again.

I don’t mean to get on your nerves and I am sorry if I am. Well not too sorry, maybe a little.

Anyway I was skimming through some websites tonight and I read a bit that seemed to relate to the whole meter accuracy thing. I used some of it here, admittedly a little out of context, but hey it still seems to make the point that treating diabetes is critical. There are real risks, so improvement to robust and reliable traditional blood glucose meters has enormous potential benefit.

Well kinda, these are the bit I lifted that from:

…critical initiative of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is to accelerate the development and availability of a safe and effective … treatment of diabetes mellitus.

Compounding… difficulty is the trade-off between improved glycemic control and an increased risk for hypoglycemia (low blood glucose levels), which can cause seizure, coma and death.

… robustness and reliability are still in need of improvement…

… require… using a traditional blood glucose meter…
…enormous potential benefit
So FDA, in case you still can’t place those bits here's a reminder. Y’all said’m. You were talking about the artificial pancreas.

More accurate meters will help you acheive your critical path initiative. (Hey don't do it for us do it for yourself!)

Oh by the way we are artificial pancreases now.

(YDMV's note. I didn't put this on the FDA comments site. A bit flippant. Think I should?)


  1. B,

    I guess it depends on how you define "a bit" and "flippant", but I also think the southern/country drawl might confuse 'em a bit.

    Fair Winds,

  2. A Bit = So much that good taste and decorum find it excessive

    Flippant = very glip, talkative with a distinct lack of any measure proper respect or seriousness


  3. Those of us on the outside love your style, but officialdom may not see the humor since they seldom look at things from a humerous perspective.


  4. You know Bennet, I love me some flippant and I love people who say 'a bit.'

    I think that the FDA needs to hear everything and this makes a point. You never know what will shake it up over there, so why not try?

    As Yoda said 'There is no try, only DO.'
    Go ahead and do it, post to the FDA comments site.