March 18, 2010

Not that I was planning to be here

This the Asplundh Atrium at Abington Memorial Hospital. It's very nice. Not that I was planning, or even wanted, to be here.

Connor is in to have his appendix out. I guess that isn't something anyone plans on.

And speaking of not planning, somehow we didn't replace the backup pump set in the glove compartment. So naturally last night at half past really late his set pulled off and we needed a set.

This morning looking over Connor's chart, the gas passer commented that his blood was all over the place. No kidding. He said they would watch it and if it went too high give him some insulin.

Really? Mrs YMDV asked what do they think is too high? He was disconnected and without basals is gonna have rising BS. Funny they didn't ask anything that would guide them as to how much insulin to give.

About that time I realized I probably didn't make sure Delaney bolused for breakfast. Oops better call the school nurse.

So here we are in this really nice waiting space but my mind is still in diabetes land. Not that I was planning, or even wanted, to be here.

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  1. Hope all goes well. My thoughts are with you, and Connor for a speedy recovery.

  2. oh no! I hope they gave him some basal.

    wishing your family peace and quick recovery!

  3. Never heard of BlogPress, but lovely hospital. Very lovely!

  4. Hospitals and diabetes somehow don't mix very well. Fingers crossed for a speedy recovery and a return to normal for you all.