July 27, 2010

Crystal Jackson in an Online Discution on Diabetes at School

School is hard enough without diabetes being an unholy pain in the butt too. Crystal is ADA's queen of school issues.

Make life easier for yourself and join her and MyCareConnect for an online "Back-to-School" planning discussion on Monday, August 2nd at 9:00 PM (ET). It free and given Crysrtal's wealth of knowledge that make this a steal. However even a steal has it's limits and in this case it is space that is limited so for more information and to sign up go to https://www.mycareconnect.com/back2school.aspx

Here's Crystal kindly doing a segment for theBetesNOW.com

theBetes:Now 24/7 - ADA On Schools from thebetes now on Vimeo.

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