July 3, 2010

Red Ninjas in Theme Parks

We picked up True2Go meters at CWD. This is the son of the Sidekick meter that I wrote about at www.DisneyWithDiabetes.com ages ago. I was a big fan of the Sidekick for it's mobility and the new 2.0 version is better.

The True2Go meter twists onto the top of a can of 50 strips. With a groovy little wetsuit strap they gave us we can attach their way small lance device to the side. It brilliantly designed so that with the pokey end down the lancer works without being removed from it's holster.

There is even enough room a can of 50 strips to carry extra lancets. You know it maybe time for the semiannual change of the lancet any month now.

This is a great on the meter. True2Go Dudes put a key ring on this bad boy. It small enough to go along with every T1 driver every day. While you are at it make a way to tote around 4 glucotabs too without the gluconess getting to the strips and messing up the readings. I thinking a two ended strip can with a bottom flap for tabs.

True2go gave me a white paper on accuracy. I'll read it when we get home. In the mean time my kids are carrying these little guys around Disney World. It is one nice tight little kit.

They come in red. Dudes I got more than one T1 kid - color options would make knowing who's is on first. (We got home and the local CVS has a variety of colors. Rock On.)

In the mean time Delaney calls them Red Ninjas.

Need I say more?

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  1. I'm in love with this. If they had three different colors, all of my boys could have their own...just sayin' dudes. :) We always have a lancet problem in the case. The boys on the go, take it out of the case, and it falls, and the tip comes off...totally annoying. This just seems so awesome. Thanks for the heads up, my boys would love this!

  2. any chance you know the brand or name of that wetsuit cover? My family is going to Disney soon and I'd love to get one for the trip! But... I can only find the meter, not the "wetsuit" which really, just makes it complete :)

  3. Home Diagnostics had them at the cinvention. I would call them. They were cool folks. Sure the can help you out.

  4. Call 1-800-803-6025
    Also the web site says colors are available.

  5. Nice tidbit! I remember your original review of the prior version. Thanks for passing it on again!

  6. Just purchased a blue kit.