January 10, 2012

Required Reading - JDRF on GRI in Countdown

Back in September JDRF Launched a prize to encourage people outside of diabetes research to join the hunt for a Glucose Responsive Insulin (GRI.) I wrote briefly about it in the post Know a Smart Chemist? JDRF's current edition of Countdown, their online magazine has a great story with more information about GRI and the JDRF initiative.

This is a fascinating approach to living with type 1. It is not a cure in the pure sense but if they can find ways to make Glucose Responsive Insulin work it is a Game Changer. In fact The Game Changer is the title of the piece and because of that potential, years down the way, the articles gets my vote for this weeks reading assignment.

The Game Changer: Treating type 1 diabetes with glucose-responsive insulins.

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