January 13, 2012

#TwoBits on Cure Research. One Guy: Joshua Levy

Here’s a quick #TwoBits* from around the DOC.
We of us living with T1D want a cure. A lot of us also want an easy way to keep track of progress towards cure. My Go To Guy is Joshua Levy. In late December he wrote two essays well worth reading for those looking for cures. 
Of Mice and Men: Joshua also started a new blog. One dedicated to all the NOD Mice that get cured. The freaking mice get cured all the time and each time starts a cycle of a cure is coming headlines. It is nice then to have a resource that knows the difference between curing mice and people while still keeping an informed eye on what is going one with the rodents. 

*If you see an interesting pair of posts around the Diabetes Online Community (DOC) how about sharing them with the rest of us with the hash tag #TwoBits in case others missed them?

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