August 22, 2012

Fron the News Wire: Pancreatic Stem Cells?

Genetic Engineering & Biology News has a short article that suggest that a means of identifying pancreatic stem cells in humans amy have been identified. This would be good news in the process of replacing broken pancreas cell. It is a very early step, in avery long process.

Stem cells can differentiate into specific cells. A pancreatic stem cell is significantly down the path of differentiation to the kind of specific cell people living with T1D are short of. The ability to identify and possibly reproduce adult pancreatic stem cells would help elevate the concerns of those who have issues with embryonic stem cells.

As the article makes clear this is very early in the process. Treatments are the result of a lot of steps. The work need peer review and duplication and then a a very long way from a possible treatment. Still int is interesting reading.