August 30, 2012

#TwoBits about Containers from #DSMA

#DSMA Twitter chat was rocking as usual this week. And by rocking I mean to fast to follow. That is the way of the diabetes twitter chat. I just try to surf along with the tsunami of post and find a few conversations to join. This week one of those was about repurposing diabetes stuff for other uses.

Here are tow good link that flowed out of that part of the twitter flood.

Reusing set boxes to pack home made cookies to give to coworkers. I can't think of a better use for set boxes including holding the set that came in them. 

Reusing may not be the bets idea for stuff you may be consuming, aka strip bottles, food and desiccants. Strip bottles have stuff in them to suck up moisture (desiccants.) Maybe not food grade stuff.

Violence by Ubergeek

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