August 8, 2012

PODD Call re: Dexcom

In writing about yesterday's Dexcom earnings call I noted that they left Insulet (aka stock symbol PODD) out of the Dexcom/Pump integration conversation. Today PODD had their earnings call and at about the 12:00 minute mark spoke briefly about CGM. They said that they have had conversations with Dexcom about integrating the Gen 4 into the new OmniPod product and expect to “soon commence” work on integration. They say that the integrated device is expected to also use the LifeScan Verio strip.

OmniPod fans may want to listen to the call and break out their tea leaf reading skill. Management did speak to the FDA process and the new device. They have been working through details with the agency. I sounded to me like they are woking on some final interface issues, the entry of some information and training. I will be honest I am not particularly well versed in OmniPod. A cold war Kremlinologist or and an experienced Pod user may be able to gleam more out of what was said than I can.

The PODD call is online here:


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