September 28, 2012

Participatory Medicine

Here is my readers digest collection of quotes that show why I found the article worth sharing. I particularly like the last one. It is create a to do for the patient side; talk about what to do not just complain. 

"...trying to transform the way doctors and others throughout the health care system relate to every patient with every disease. 
"Activists accustomed to being lonely voices crying for change mingled with others who were like-minded, made common cause and laid a foundation, perhaps, for speaking with one voice. 
"...a glimpse of what the future might be in health information technology.... a personal health record and an interoperable electronic medical record might be tied together to improve care and lower cost while keeping patients and their families at the center. 
“When patients tell their stories, they need to tell us what to do about it.”


  1. Hmm, great quotes Bennet, thank you.

    That last one has me thinking. As a patient, there are many times I have no idea what I'd want them to do about it. Maybe just some collective brainstorming?

    Sometimes I get so emotionally wrapped around the axle that it's hard to know where to go with it.

  2. Thanks for the thoughts Scott. I think the real challenge is to unwrap the axel and talk about specifics that the industrial side of care can consider.

    For example:,

    Logging sucks, it just adds steps and those steps add up to thousands and thousands of extra actions over the years. Like T1D is not a crap load of actions already.

    OK Industry - make logging automatic. No cables. No syn buttons. Set it up one and it always works. Ok and make it work across meter brands and away from the PC

    What else sucks? The amount of trash all the stuff generates.

    I love your idea of being able to schedule temp basal rates for all the reason you have said and more.

    Show me a food database that make meals as easy as an iTunes makes play list. How hard can that be?