September 11, 2012

Worsening Outlook for 2013 FDA Budget

From FDA News: Device Daily:

Worsening Outlook for 2013 FDA Budget: Estimate of Budget Reductions GrowsThe FDA will likely see its budget reduced by $294 million if across-the-board cuts to federal programs go into effect on Jan. 2, 2013, as currently planned; the cuts are needed to comply with a congressional mandate to reduce the federal deficit. The FDA is planning for a budget reduction of roughly 8 percent. Initially, industry observers had thought the FDA reduction would total about $200 million, reflecting reductions to just the $2.5 billion taxpayer-funded portion of the FDA budget. 

Congress' in ability to fill its constitutional role as the source of all spending bill has brought our country to the point of these across the board cuts. The house in particular seems to put partisan gamesmanship and striving to star in simplistic sound bites in front of working as whole body to produce a workable national budget. I don't see how the FDA will be able to do its job assuring safe and effective food, medicine and devices with out the funding to accomplish it. 


  1. The FDA does more to allow cronies to market pharmaceuticals with no long-term results studies than it does to insure the safety of medications. It also has the bar set so high that it kills people in the short term rather than giving them additional years of high quality-of-life. AFAIAC, RIP FDA -- and the sooner, the better.

  2. Brenda, Thanks. I agree that an excessively slow process is as potential risky as not safety process.

    I do think there is wisdom in a process of checks and balances. As a consumer I don't have the skill set to do the epidemiological process of drug safety. I do appreciate it. Big pharma has too deep of pockets and can run strange ads on TV creating demand for drugs. I don't see how individual consumers can evaluate safety and efficacy without some help. I think consumer need a fair referee in the game to check an balance industry.

    Lord knows I think the FDA could use more coffee or something to speed up their process. I happen to think that can happen as a result of informed consumers holding the FDA accountable.

    Just as a slow regulatory process is risky, no regulatory process is even more of a risk than the cronyism you express a fear of.

    I think patients need pharma to develop medications. I think they need an efficient regulatory process to make sure products are safe and effective. We need to be informed consumer demanding the best of both and insuring a balance of innovation and effectiveness.