September 18, 2012

#TwoBits: ThreeBits and Ice Hockey, DSMA & DiabetesMine

Here are a Two Bits from the DOC that are worth a look today:

Cherise (aka Charisse according to my iPad's voice recognition) one ups two bits with three:

DOC Survey, HIPAA and Clinical Trial on a Diabetes App 

I am coping the first 'cause doing this survey can help DHF help us all. Win win.
Michelle Litchman is NP, doctoral student and a big supporter of the diabetes online community. For her dissertation, she is focusing on the Diabetes Online Community and Health Outcomes Research as it relates to peer-to-peer health. Michelle will donate $2  (up to $2,000) to the Diabetes Hands Foundation for every survey completed. For more information and to complete the survey,
Thanks Charisse (even my iPad can't spell.)

Will has a good piece at Diabetes Mine on Andy Suhy, ice hockey player and diabetes motivator. I particularly liked this part:
Andy describes diabetes as a “very complicated balancing act” that’s 95% about emotions and taking ownership, and only 5% about carb-counting and insulin dosing. 
Will closes with a little nuance around T1D vs T2D attitudes and maybe motivating the motivator:
Still, we have to be united in our front against diabetes — of all types. None of us can afford to have a “blame the patient” attitude, because that effects everyone. 
And you can’t be a good cheerleader if you don’t like the team.


  1. Thanks for the mention, Bennet, and the great nuggets there! And isn't it amazing the kind of crazy autocorrects that happen in our DOC world - it's like our smartphones and tablets are having hypos or something... :)

  2. The survey "first bit" is an exciting development. It is just a bummer that it is only measuring involvement on tudiabetes. Obviously the study has to control for variables, but there are many involved in the DOC who don't really use tuD and it is unfortunate to lose their contribution.