January 4, 2013

Primary Care and Preventing T2D

A lot of folks, particularly but not exclusively the T1D crowd, talk a lot about endocrinologist as the lead for diabetes care. Sadly there are not a lot of Endos and CDE are in short supply too. So what is a country to do with an exploding diabetes epidemic to do.

Maybe primary care?

A recent HealthDay.com speaks of the success of Primary Care  in treating diabetes. Even more encouraging is another pierce in InternalMedicineNews.com titled, "Primary care-based diabetes prevention programs reduce BMI." That article makes the case for Primary Care driven programs to develop healthier lifestyles.

I suggest that the DOC can help shift the conversation about heath care needs to shift away from hyper confrontational political scare tactics of death panels to a more constructive conversation. Like: How to work with your primary care team to start managing type 2.

The simple fact is that there are not enough CDEs. I do not understand the process of certification. To me it looks like a process designed to make it harder to become a CDE, not help address the shortage of educators. So many people will need to work with primary care. Lets help make those patient / caregiver conversations successful.


  1. I agree. On so many levels. As a nurse who works in endocrinology and as a soon-to-be CDE. We are actually working with our PCPs here at our hospital to push care of Type 2 back in their offices, becuase frankly we don't have the time to see well controlled healthy peoplew ith type 2 when we have much more serious endocrine patients that need to be seen. And well controlled Type 2 is as easy to manage as hypertension, if the patients take responsibility.

    As far as certification it seems outrageous until you're in the process of doing it and then you see why it's so demanding. There are so many different kinds of diabetes, and MILLIONS of scenarios of how they can be "messed up" and you really need a CDE who knows their stuff caring for patients. It's tough, but only the survivors are worth that certification.

    Thanks for this, Bennett :)

  2. Anything that is ok by Abby is a privilege to share. LYMI.

  3. Interesting...

    I know of several members of the DOC (w/ T1) who prefer to see their PCP instead of an endo. As long as they are well taken care of I suppose.