January 24, 2013

Tab A in Slot B - Interoperability.

Raise your hand if you have built something from IKEA.

OK so that is all of us.

We eventually get a table or chair together because it was designed to go together.

How awesome would it be if our health information was designed to go together? Or at least that subset of health information that is our diabetes information? That was the topic of conversation at the Diabetes Mine Innovation Summit and was the driving point behind my fantasy device post.

A recent post at MobiHealthNews.com takes this to the broader case of EHR under the title, Interoperability holds the key to EHR, mobile health success. They quote Chuck Parker of Continua saying;

Studies of connected health show that when patients incorporate mHealth into their lives — at home, work, and on the go — they recognize the relationship between their health behaviors and experience of health and are consequently better able to self-manage.
The fact is, unless personal health devices work together with minimal effort, patients are unlikely to stick with mHealth tools, and the momentous opportunity for connected health will be lost.
Will EHR's need to become interoperable drive diabetes devices to do the same? Who knows. Tab A will only fit slot B if it is designed to do so.

Lets get back to that future. (Cheesy way to tie image the in.) 

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  1. The whole topic of interoperability is a very interesting, but very complex, one. I'm excited to see what appears to be happening on this topic, even in just the past number of months. More are taking notice, I think. Our recent post on Continua and all this change was a pretty enlightening one for me, and gives me some hope as we start seeing more Bluetooth Smart being weaved into our D-devices.