March 3, 2014

Yo! DOC - FDA is Listening, Let's Speak Up

Public Policy on Diabetes Needs Our Help, Our Voices.

FDA is listening for our comments about glucose meters 'till April 7. They have two dockets open.

Please comment on FDA’s meter guidance proposals. Open dockets are a very important and rare time that the FDA is explicitly and officially focused on listening. Let’s be heard. Just as important as what we say, is that our community's message is repeated to be clear over voices that may seek to maintain the unacceptable status quo for their proprietary gain.

Through the dockets we can:
  • Support FDA’s efforts for higher accuracy.
  • Call for the same accuracy in both patient and clinical use.
  • Ask that only the new level of accuracy be labeled to dose insulin.
  • Suggest that only devices meeting new accuracy levels be considered DME by Medicare.
  • Repeat the call for robust post market enforcement.

Learn more about the guidance.

See how to steps to posting on a FDA docket. (It is easy.)

Here's links to the open dockets and one set of sample comments to post to both.

The current set rules for glucose meters is from 2003. It may be another decade before we get another chance. These dockets are open to April 7. Now is the time to join the community and speak up.

Please help build momentum for the effort by sharing that you posted to the docket through your favorite social media channels with the hashtag #StripSafely.

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