April 23, 2014

Dear Newbies

Welcome to the type 1 parents club. (Including but not exclusively, Usher and family) I am so sorry you have joined but glad at least you are here. The locals call here, the DOC  (we pronounce each letter for Diabetes Online Community.)

I kinda know how you may feel. I have been through it. Twice, yes two kids with type 1.  But you Diabetes May vary and you anxiety at diagnosis is your own.

If diabetes has taught me anything it is to try to have empathy for others, other parents of kids with diabetes, other people with type 1, type 2, what we call type 3 (other parents and caregivers.) In time, I hope you get to the place where you can see empathy as a blessing.

You ain't there now. You ain't meant to be. Don't sweat it. There are a bunch of stages of loss, you are gonna deal with them. That is 100% normal.

Type 1 diabetes is a family thing. No parent likes putting insulin into a child, the child typically isn't a huge fan of it either. All try to be brave. Siblings face as much stress as anyone, through less parental attention and care and loving fear for their brother or sister. As you work diligently to learn to care for you child with diabetes, work as just as hard to show the non D-kids how much you care for them and the love all they bring to the family. Life has many demands, diabetes will add to them, for now bring all you can to your family - you will find a new normal.

Learn about Children With Diabetes Friends for Life.

There at Friends For Life, families share the magic of "getting it." Everyone "get its." No matter how much or how little anyone knows there are new things to learn and new friends to walk with you.

Your family needs people walking with them. Diabetes is hard. It is relentless. It is best managed with a little help from your friends. Nothing against your existing friends, they are wonderful people I am sure, few will appreciate that behind what you project as normal is the ever present reality of diabetes care. A few may prove they weren't true friends, such is life.

The diabetes community will embrace you, peer support makes diabetes care much less stressful. Join the forums at CDW, join #DSMA chat on Wednesday nights 9:00 easter on twitter. Let other walk with you. You can do this.

Over the years YDMV has created a collection of Newbie posts, most are silly. There are here if you need them. There are also a few focused on that "why me" stage, those are here.  What really matters is we, a community who gets it, are here and here and here and here.... well way to many places to list, but all are here for every newbie, parent, adult, child, teen, caregiver and friend living with diabetes.

Welcome to the club. Sorry you are here.