April 10, 2014

Forget the Taxes, FFL Scholarships Application are Due 4/15

OK don't mess with the IRS. I was only kidding. No need to send the black helicopters. 

Monday on DSMA Live 'Rents Lorraine and I chatted with Jeff Hitchcock about all kinds of stuff including Friends for Life (FFL). Go have a listen. At the end we talked about FFL scholarships for families, young adults and adults. The deadline to apply to the Diabetes Scholars Foundation for scholarships to FFL in Orlando is postmarked by APRIL 15th. 

Scholarships cover room and registration (not transportation) for families, young adults (18-24) and adults. Young adults are paired with another young adult in the hotel rooms for support and nighttime safety. 

When it come to FFF, Here is what is important.
When it come to FFF, Here is what is important.

Please also make plans to support the