September 21, 2015

Fill in the blank: NPH. Not Particularly _______

There is a reason people call it Not Particularly Helpful. This from Diabetes Care:

Study: NPH insulin must be resuspended before injection 
There was as much as a 23% difference in insulin levels and as much as a 62% variation in blood glucose control among diabetes patients who shook and didn't shake their NPH insulin pens before injecting, according to a study in Diabetes Care. Researchers found patients who didn't shake the pens before injecting had lower insulin levels if they injected the needle flat or pointing up and higher insulin levels if the needle was facing down. Reuters

1 comment :

  1. My not-so-awesome endo put me on an NPH-only regimen when I was first diagnosed. Those two years being on "the devil's insulin" were not happy times for me. Now, whenever I hear about it, I have a little involuntary twitch. :-)