September 23, 2015

The DAA to Congress! Yo. LISTEN UP!

This from the Diabetes Advocacy Alliance:

It's Time for Congress to Listen to the Voices of People with Diabetes!

Over 29 million Americans are living with diabetes. With these numbers, you might expect that Congress would hold many open meetings, called hearings. Meetings where citizens like you can raise concerns about diabetes, and members of Congress can use that information to enact legislation.

But they haven't - it has been five years since the last congressional hearing on diabetes on Capitol Hill.

It's vital that we make diabetes top-of-mind for our members of Congress, and get them to focus on policies that would help people with diabetes and those at risk.

That's why Novo Nordisk and members of the Diabetes Advocacy Alliance are working together to ask Congress to hold a hearing on diabetes this fall. This one-day event would give the diabetes community the chance to make our voices heard. And we need your help!

CLICK HERE to make your voice heard and send your members of Congress a letter asking them to hold a hearing to bring attention to diabetes.

Diabetes impacts you every day. Let Congress know how it can help.
The Diabetes Advocacy Alliance consists of 20 member groups representing patient, professional and trade associations; other nonprofit organizations; and corporations. The DAA strives to influence change in health care policy and in the US health care system to improve diabetes prevention, detection and care. 

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