October 1, 2007

Is that a bong

...or are you just happy to see me?

So I am flipping through the ADA magazine, I think I missed the Back to School Special about challenges with type 1 and school, but I digress. I flip along and I see a full page Exubera ad. I have seen this stuff used exactly once in my life.

It was Type 1 night at a restaurant. Well it seemed that way. We were there and the table next to us had T1 people when we got there and a second one when they table turned over. The first table recognized us from www.DisneyWithDiabetes.com. (Yes it was a Disney restaurant, Whispering Canyon) Then next family had a mom who is an Exubera user.

I have seen bongs that don’t look as much like a bong as this thing. I think I would get tossed in jail if I was toting this thing around talking with my kids about if they are high or not in the Magic Kingdom.

Mind you I have walked into this very same Disney restaurant with a hypodermic needle on my ear laughing about not being able to say Jimmy Hendrix and they were relatively OK with that. But this thing defiantly looks like it would put ya in the cooler. Take it to high school and even ADA's best attorney will not be able to get you out of trouble.

Sorry I digress.

Where was I? Oh yes. Diabetes Forecast. So I am flipping through Diabetes Forecast, ADA is a little on the type 2 side of things for my taste but they do great work with helping kids who face discrimination in schools due to diabetes. I think we all need to spread our support around to all the advocacy groups that help us out so if you haven’t joined ADA sign up.

Anyway I digress again, Sorry.

There in the classified section in the back is an ad for a product that looks a lot like Exubera. It is called Impoaid. It is for E.D. and it is the back of a magazine.

Now if I were to carry that bad boy around Disney World, I would going to the dungeon under the Castle and never coming out.

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