October 2, 2007

Maybe I have invented some form of insanity.

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And, its my pet peeve #1 misconception about D. That somehow "once you get BG's stabilized" is a reality. Even some endos think somehow it's a reality.

Its not. Just like in another thread "so he could get regulated quicker".. What? What is that? We get to a point where we're done? Cool. When's that happen?

T1 D, particularly in children, will ALWAYS be a rollercoaster. We've gone from 130(7ish) to HI with no carb intake. He had a bad dream - and bg went off the scales. 3u of I for a bad dream. How do you control that? You don't.

We also have to have realistic expectations. If there is the thought that the kid is going to be 70-120 (4-7ish) all the time, that's just setting yourself up to failure. It'll NEVER happen. Trying to get there will result in horrific OCD, and how does that help the kid.

I actually think parents of CWD often exhibit a kind of Munchhausen's disorder: something like BG over-focus disorder. (Maybe Bennet has a better word for this...)

My families activities and life don't revolve around D. I don't spend every moment thinking about D. My kid goes off riding his bike, he eats stuff, he plays. We treat the D as best we can, but we're careful to not obsess on it.

Jeff F.
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Dude I should have you writing YDMV articles. It is like I could have written it. That is good stuff. Wait I already said I could have written it, saying it is good too is redundant.

LOL Just kidding with y'all

I did have to look up Munchhausen's.

I do think you are on to something with BG Over focus hocus pocus. If you read the medical community that is one reason some there think we parents shouldn't have CGMs. They say we would forever be over treating and stacking insulin.

I don't know maybe they are right. Maybe they see a lot of obsessive BG checking over correcting in their practices.

I don't see too much of it but I only know a hand full of type 1 families mostly at CWD and at Type1parents.org. OK there is a little OCD going on but for the most part we relatively sane.

By relative I mean to each other.

Compared to a normal non D family we are nuts. I mean who sticks their kid with 5,000 odd sharpened shards if steel a year? That nuts. Maybe we are nuts because we are relatively not nuts and take the kids biking and playing and going to Disney and eating stuff and doing home work and sending them off to be in plays at the community theater....

Who would do that and pretend the 5,000 finger jabs and needle holes don't matter? You would have to be nuts but we are relatively not nuts...

I think I am going insane trying to be normal. Is that like catch 22? Wait 22 is low where is the juice?

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