October 24, 2007

Stupid Meter Tricks I

We do stupid meter tricks. Mostly for the fun of it but there is also some madness in the method, I’ll cover that madness later.

Shortly after our second case of T1 was diagnosed, on vacation at Disney, we found ourselves sitting at a restaurant table with a 7 year old who was in between thinking it was cool to be in the D club with her older brother and realizing much of the stuff she had to do, now that she was in that club, hurts.

So waiting for the waitress we amused ourselves testing everything we could get to wick into the strip and some stuff that wouldn’t. We tested Coke, Sprite, Milk, and tried for Ketchup and Gravy some where in there we tested a little blood.

So here is the madness, testing hurts. Period.

Diabetes care is a pain in the butt, sometimes literally if that is where you wear your set. In time, the fingers get calloused and so do the emotions but at first both are Very Raw

Joking around with the meter helps to de-mystify it. It isn’t some sacred relic is an every day tool. It can be part of play. It can be ordinary.

It needs to be ordinary, it needs to be theirs and it can be played with, all this because it needs to be used.

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