October 24, 2007

Stupid Meter Tricks III

So here is a little game to play on a weekend morning. I call it how much do you go up.

OK before we go any further don't do anything stupid, start in range and try to stay in range.

Got it?


Get up and test first thing in the morning.

Eat a very know amount of carbs preferably not a lot - say 10 to 20 maybe even a few tabs.

Don’t bolus.

Test every 15 minutes for a few hours.

Plot the numbers on a graph

After a few hours or if your blood goes real high correct. Write down how much insulin you took.

Test every 15 minuets for a few hours. (By the way having a move or some cartoons on TiVo is a good plan to kill the time.)

Plot the numbers on a graph

How much did you go up?

How fast?

How many BG points per carb?

How much did you come down?

How fast?

How many BG points per unit of insulin?

How was the movie or cartoons?

All these things are part of our lives. Insulin sensitivity, correction factors, cartoons & movies. What important? All this stuff varies. Sometimes the cartoons are great sometimes sometime they aren’t. If the cartoons are no good you can change the channel. If you BG is no good you can change it too.

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  1. We'll definitely be trying these tricks as Luke (2.5 years old) gets a little older. He's already decided to test all of us (and his stuffed animals) about once a week. We've learned to take the sharp out of the poker first, though, or his 4 year old sister ends up with a lot of holes. *grin*