November 27, 2007

Correction: It is an adjustment.

What we say matters, or so I hear.

At a session on effective type 1 parenting I picked up the little gem that we should call blood measurements checks not tests. The point being that a check is a check to see where things are. A test implies there is a right and a WRONG answer.

More importantly than the term is what we call it with body language and reaction. So I have held the balloon drop and streamers I usually schlep out for a blood glucose of 103. (Ever notice the BG reading on meters in ads? Always dead on target.) It is just as important hold back the Spanish Inquisition (no one expects the Spanish Inquisition) that accompanies a reading of 427.

Our kids try to please us, or at least stay out of the dog house. They give us, what gets them a good response from us. What we want is for them to be aware of and react to their blood sugar. We don't want them feeling they have a reason to hide numbers from us. Our reactions have an impact on their behaviors. So no balloons, no inquisition.

So if the blood is high, I (try to) calmly thank them for checking and correcting.

WAIT! Correction implies they were incorrect to start! Maybe I should correct my behavior and get used to calling it an adjustment. - That would that be the correct thing to do. LOL.

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  1. I love your blog!
    We've noticed that Stevie would feel bad because she "failed" her "test" when her BG was not what "we" wanted it to be.
    I like your idea of calling it a check rather than a test, and an adjustment rather than a correction. However, I have to admit, I probably won't change my old dog behavior. ;)
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