November 10, 2007

Kiss the Girl

Our son loves acting. He is in 8th grade and currently in a musical adaptation of Tom Sawyer cast as one of Tom’s buddies. He can sing. We had no idea.

The last play he was in we noticed him starting to sway a little in one scene and could tell his BG was dropping. So far, knock on wood, he is doing a better job of diabetes maintenance.

He is tall, good looking and funny - he has charisma. We are told by other parents and his older sister that the girls in the play have noticed this.

When all the kids are playing in the cave, just before Tom & Becky are lost, he has a scene where the girl he is partnered is a bit forward in suggesting a kiss. His bit is to get a look of terror on his face and bolt stage left.

Saying the young lady playing the roll of the kissing girl is drop dead gorgeous is a huge understatement. She is also a few years older than him, in high school. So being the caring supportive family we are, we gave him a ration of grief about it. “Dude if a girl that attractive wants a kiss…” “Maybe you need glasses…” that kind of caring supportive stuff.

His response, “Apparently my character is 10.”

The play runs two weekends with only a run through in between. Traditionally the actors adlib in that run through. However because of the large number of kids in the play, who are already having a hard enough time staying on task, the directors asked the older kids to play the run through straight. No tempting the little kids to go off.

Some of the adults in the show made up new lyrics for their songs and Connor and his partner in the cave scene were feeling the need to do some improv too but they didn’t want to get in trouble for not playing the scene right. Her mom is the director.

So he ran off stage ending the scene just like it is written. He then ran back in took her in his arms, leaned her dramatically back and kissed her. He described the reaction of the cast and crews as thunderous applause and lascivious whistling.

He talked more about how he had his back to the audience of cast and crew and it would have been a better scene if they planned to turn the other way than the actual kiss. Wait… what was that verb son? Planned? She was in on this huh? LOL. I can get some caring supportive mileage out of that.

Ah but all was not well. It seems that the girls in his 8th grade class, a few of which are in the play and witnessed this amorous adlib, found his kissing a high school girl on stage an issue. They gave him grief the next day in school.

I don’t know what I find the most amusing; the adlib, being caring and supportive by suggesting was a plan by the girl to steal a kiss, the girls in his class being jealous or him just living his dream of being on stage.


  1. Did that kiss leave Connor's Bg high or low? :)

  2. Glad to see your son isn't taking after his father, the geek.