November 18, 2007

Life is precious...

One of my friends , Coni, over at CWD posted this:

Life is precious...thank goodness for insulin, meters, pumps, etc.

The human body is complex and miraculous...try as I might, I am not a pancreas.

You can not control all things...I understand the mechanics of food, insulin, exercise, etc., but who knew she was growing? who knew she was losing a tooth? who knew she was getting a cold? what was the carb count for that mystery muffin at the school pot luck breakfast?

My husband is my ally. He loves our daughter just as I do. His methods and approaches differ from mine, but whenever I come home, our daughter is happy, healthy, and alive.

It's healthier for me to let some things go. I do my best; I am very responsible for the care of my child, but to honor myself and keep my sanity, there are times when I have to step back and say, "This is not in my control and I need to stop acting like it is."

Support is available if you ask. It may not look like you want, and it may not be from the people you thought would help, but it is there. Accept it graciously.

Good stuff.