January 1, 2008

What’s YDMV in Arabic?

I was scrolling through the last few referrals to YDMV and there was this translation link. I got to wondering if my goofy ramblings make any sense in Arabic?

I had the pleasure of meting a few folks from UAE at CWD’s conference last summer. One lady was the mom of a son who was diagnosed very young and was now doing fine in his 20s. She was justifiably proud. Another was a young woman who spoke eloquently about the importance of parental trust. It was apparent that the care diabetes part translates just fine and that some of the issues, like parents worrying about type 1 teens, are the same regardless of the side of the globe we are born on.

Still, I wonder how well my goofy Your Diabetes May Vary ramblings translate. Most of the time I don’t know what I am writing about until it comes out in type. I frequently abuse the norms of the King’s English in favor of down home colloquialisms. So it isn’t much of a stretch to say I don’t know what I am talking about, at least when I start typing.

I gotta wonder how I sound to a different culture. I guess that culture may be one of the things that varies, I trust that care for the kids doesn’t.

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