July 10, 2008

Dex on Ping / Pod

Some of the questions in To Ping or not to Ping had to do with how the integration of the Dexcom CGM will work with Animas’ future pump. While Animas is not offering up any particulars the other side of the relationship is. And they are also talking about how it will work with the Pod.

Thanks to the good folks at Thomson Financial and Voxant we can see what DexCom, Inc. had to say at the Citigroup Healthcare Conference this year.

Technology integration partnerships -- in January of this year, we announced two separate partnerships, one with Animas Corporation, a J&J subsidiary, and one with Insulet Corporation. In each of these arrangements, we would seek to develop an integrated insulin pump CGM system. What that will entail embedding our proprietary software and hardware design into the Animas pump in the case of Animas, or into the Insulet PDA in the case of Insulet. That will allow the user to display CGM data on the screen of their pump or their PDA. This results in the elimination of the patient having to carry a separate DexCom receiver, but it will retain all of the same functionality within those devices.

The full transcript is here.

Well that sort of sheds some light. Maybe what is what is in the slightly larger Ping case is the DexCom stuff.

But that was before the Ping introduced the idea of a controller like meter / remote like the Omni Pods with a traditional pump. So maybe it doesn’t shed much light other than we shouldn't expect to carry a DexCom receiver.

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  1. Bennet

    Thanks for posting the transcript, it's informative (or at least speculative). I've given up listening to those.

    I'm hoping Smiths-Medical (Cozmo) starts a relationship with Dexcom.