July 1, 2008

From the News Wire: Medtronic Increases R&D for D Stuff.

Forbes is reporting Medtronic is investing in medical devices for diabetes.

Medtronic, the world's largest stand-alone medical device maker, is increasing its research and development spending on diabetes technology by 35 percent this year to speed development of next-generation diabetes devices that are simpler to use and more effective in managing the disease, said Chris O'Connell, president of Medtronic's diabetes division.

* New insulin pump in Europe this year would shut off insulin if low sugar detected
“an insulin pump that can automatically shut off insulin delivery if it detects blood sugar has fallen too low, a particular danger when a patient is sleeping.”

* Working on a pump in a patch. (Podlike)
"We're optimistic we'll have a patch pump on the market in fewer than two years"

* Sees continuous monitors outselling pumps one day. (Did anyone mention today is CGM Denial Day?)

I am a little shaky on how shutting of basals once you are already low isn’t locking the barn door after the cow got out. I guess it is a good idea and all but insulin is a lagging deal. If you are low now it is from insulin a few hours ago, you need glucose NOW, not just less insulin. I guess it is a step in the right way.


  1. I guess my old rep at MM knew what she was talking about! She reported all of this to me after last summer's big rep meeting in CA. I heard about the 40 cut-off anf thought that would be a problem. I guess that has been the hold-up for approval in the FDA for the "new" pump that is waiting to hit the market.

  2. Bennet I blogged about this news also. I hope it boosts general interest in this area. And I especially hope that we get some usable designs for all this money.