July 1, 2008

From The News Wire: Animas Announces "Ping"


Animas Corporation announced today the clearance of its OneTouch ® Ping TM Glucose Management System by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). OneTouch Ping is the first full-feature insulin pump that wirelessly communicates with a blood glucose meter-remote. Using the OneTouch Ping meter-remote, a person can calculate insulin doses and opt to wirelessly instruct the pump to deliver them without touching the pump at all, giving patients more freedom and flexibility in using their insulin pump.

“OneTouch Ping provides patients the advanced insulin pump technology from Animas plus the OneTouch blood glucose technology they trust, put together into a system that offers the discretion, convenience and option of remote insulin dosing," said Juan Frias, M.D., Chief Medical Officer and Vice President of Medical Affairs, Animas Corporation. “People using OneTouch Ping will no longer have to access their pump to deliver a bolus, ultimately making life with diabetes a little easier.”

Also and this I am sure is what they weren't talking about when I bent their ear about ezManager (anyone think they will send me a review copy? yeah me neither)

ezManager® MAX Diabetes Management Software The OneTouch Ping system will also work with the recently cleared ezManager® MAX Diabetes Management software designed to allow users to download important diabetes management data from the insulin pump and meter-remote. Integrated blood glucose data from the meter-remote and insulin dosing data may be downloaded for review, analysis and evaluation of insulin delivery and blood glucose history to better inform healthcare decision-making. The ezManager® MAX software is MAC and PC compatible.

I guess this explains the hits to YDMV I saw coming out of J&J on google searches for Animas and Ping recently.

Oh and anyone other than me a Monty Python fan? The Machine that goes "Ping!" LOL

It looks like Ping is a New Pump (see the picture on their web site) It doesn't look like a 2020.

Or look here -

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