August 21, 2009

I Should Shut Up

I get caught up in minor stuff. Technology that doesn't play nice together - minor. Indifferent CGM sales people - minor. Software - minor. Silly pumps that are not what they could be - minor. Moronic practices to pick yet another another dollar a day out of type 1 families' pockets - annoying but not big picture.

The boy is 15. His A1C is 6.4. He is 100% self managed. That is the Big Picture Show. It is a damn good show.

The girl is 12. She is growing like a weed yet her A1C is 7.6. She learned new locations to wear her set and became a little more Zen with the Art of Pre-bolusing at camp. She has rock solid age appropriate D skills (in no small part from watching her brother.) That’s all huge.

That stuff is what matters. That is what will lead to long lives. Maybe even long enough to see a cure.

So I should shut up about the stuff that doesn't matter.
I probably won't but I probably should.

1 comment :

  1. Please don't shut up.
    It's good to raise your voice.

    SO awesome they are doing so well. So very awesome. Kudos to them.