August 17, 2009

Why Not Me Too

I just left a comment over at Chris Bishop's.

He writes a nice bit about Why No Me and I encourage you to go read it.

I feel it is worth re-running my reply there, here if only in the hope it helps share and amplify his message.

I go to church early. I help get the band set up and eat the donuts. I guess that makes me a roadie. (It’s a very good rock band – they make church a lot more fun for me and there are donuts for the crew.)

Last week church started a three week series about listening for the message where your specific talents are being called. Or at least that is what I got out of it. Not to subtly on the providence scale, one of the signers pulls me aside to tell me one of his day job employees’ 6 year old was just diagnosed T1. The mom was overwhelmed.

Mom needed to know there is a future.

It seems like I am hearing similar tunes on my life’s radio’s preset stations:

Someone needs help: Why not me?

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