August 2, 2009

Stupid Meter Tricks - The Series

Here are some games we have played with our T1 kids and their meters. I find making a game out of learning is a lot more fun and a more effective way of getting kids to learn than talking in one of their ears and seeing it fly out the other. I am of the school of thought that playing with the diabetes and diabetes stuff helps put diabetes in its place and that place is in line behind normal parent kids give and take.

The Meter Isn’t Important; The Child Is.
Show your kids that he meter is part of life and life is fun. Demystify the meter by playing with it.

Coding Games
Practice some Math to find out what coding or mis-coding your meter does to blood numbers.

Learning How You React to Stuff
Shhh don't tell'm you calculating ISF, tell'm just watching cartoons all morning.

Whack-a-Meter - Show it Who's Boss!
Hammer Time! One swing to better mental health.

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