August 17, 2011

Possible Bayer Contour Test Strips Issue

Amy at Diabetes Mine tweeted information about Bayer test strips false low readings. She wrote:
Quality issue w/ BAYER CONTOUR TEST STRIPS 4 #diabetes - some batches create falsely low #bgnow readings
Thanks Amy for brining up the issue.

I wanted more than a tweets worth of information so I called Bayer communications team. There are some possible issues strips that come in cans that shipped with small strip counts. For example: the ten count cans that came with a  new meter.

This is my less than expert understanding: The issues apparently stems from shipping the low count cans and the amount of gas in the can vs strips. It seems the fewer strips and more gas can alter the chemistry of the strips slightly. This creates the possibility of reading slightly lower than they should. For you error grid fans (and there can't be anyone who is an error grid fan) Bayer told me the possible errors are in the non clinically significant error grid ranges.

My conjecture is that the issue also involves time in the cans before being opened as well but that is pure speculation on my part.

Bayer said they have stopped shipping the low count cans.

Bayer says the 50 count cans are OK. They suggest if you have any concerns to talk with you health care team or call their Bayer support number. That number as far as my search engine knows is 1-800-348-8100.

1) Don't stop testing.
2) If you have Bayer strips in cans that came with less than 50 strips call Bayer or your health care team.
3) See #1 above. 


  1. As always, these things seem to come about after many of the strips may have been distributed. It does provide a possibility why I found the meter unsatisfactory back in January/February; it had been reading an average of 20mg/dl low (for me, the difference between high/normal and normal/low). Of course, that was here in the US and the recall appears to only affect Hong Kong...

  2. Brends.

    See the post above

    It is here too. Applies to 10 and 25 count strip cans.