August 31, 2011

Abbott Bails

The FreeStyle Navigator is dead, long live CGM.

The best line in this is, "When we bring a product to market, it is our responsibility to consistently provide the product to customers." 

Abbott didn't live up to their self defined responsibilities and they should be ashamed.

(Thanks Ellen for the link)


  1. If the supply issue is limited to the United States, the issue is not in the manufacture, but in the transportation and the import/export laws. This suggests possible overregulation and a need to drop back to Constitutionally-mandated government rather than the behemoth Nanny State we are now living in.

  2. Yes the fact that supply is not an issue outside the US suggests a regulatory issue. It maybe over regulation as you suggest or it may be under performance by Abbott. The regulatory process was in place before Abbott brought Navigator to market so it seems to me that the process should have been know and management should have planned for it.

    Could it be that Abbott was unwilling to support and evolve the product in the face of competition and quit and rather than admit that blamed the process not themselves?