March 12, 2012

Damn Mice.

Apparently mice can now turn their gut cells into insulin producers. Seriously is it possible to spit on a mouse in a lab without curing diabetes? I think these diabetic mice just spontaneously cure themselves to stay in the media. Kinda like Charlie Sheen. 
Anyway here is the article and I notice the picture they ran is not a mouse. New Approach to Treating Type 1 Diabetes? Transforming Gut Cells Into Insulin Factories 
Not only do mice get cured at the drop of a hat they also have kick ass abs. Only way that is a mouse is if she was one of the dancers who work the Mickey suit at Disney World...
... get to hang out at Disney too. 

Damn mice 


  1. Love this, Bennet. So true... think I need to just get a mouse to keep in my house, just in case there's some spontaneous cure that I can obtain through osmosis.

  2. Well, now we need some volunteers. Any takers?