March 20, 2012

Thanks Riva for the Shout Out in @JDRF Research Summit Column

Riva Greenberg has a write up of the JDRF Research Summit in her Huffington Post column. She nicely details the topics covered that day. She also quotes my YDMV write up saying;
What I, and more than 600 attendees with Type 1 diabetes, family members, health care providers and industry representatives, learned in a nutshell is what blogger Bennet Dunlap put so well, "I don't see a magic bullet coming but I do see different approaches to tackling things that will count as a cure. Those will happen like everything does in increments. Along that journey we'll see better care before cures. So prevention may come before restoration of beta cell function, that's cool, steps matter."
Thanks for your kind comment Riva, I am flattered.

If you missed the event please read Riva's piece to get a glimpse of what you missed. Two of the day's presentations are available on theBetesNOW.

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  1. Thanks for pointing us to that great wrapup Riva wrote, Bennet. Your comment is awesome! I completely agree that we'll see better care and tools on the road to a cure, and I'm looking forward to seeing that happen.