March 1, 2012


When it rains and it pours, we need reflect a ray of sunlight.

Bad thing happen to good people. I see that as an essential part of the freedom to choose good. I have written my feeling on that topic before and you are free to go read it. What matters now is simply say the obvious, bad thing happen to good people.

Event’s in life aren’t some silly punishment by a petulantly juvenile deity. They are just life. Some folks get a lot of life and they give back as much or more. Our diabetes online community is blest with Meri and her family. Three kids with type 1 diabetes and yet she finds the time and energy to be a ray of sunshine brightening the lives of all she share with through

More than once she has been the dove that brought a leaf to my drifting lost in the flood of life’s challenges. Life is like that. We get down. We feel alone.

I think God shares His infinite mercy though other like ourselves because through them, we can see the light of His love. At times maybe only through others can we really see that love.

Meri’s family is now facing yet another deluge. Her husband is entering cancer treatments. I pray that they find as much love they have shared coming back to them as they face the flood of doubt, concern and fear that rains down with the diagnosis.

I pray that I can be a small reflection of the love she has shared with me, with us all. I pray that she and her family feel less alone and that we her friends online can bring her small tokens that let her know our love is with her. I pray that though us God’s love is more visible to them.

Please. Share your love. Share your prayer for the Schuhmacher family. A little sun light can do magic when it rains.

You can join Meri’s friends on Facebook here.

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  1. This is absolutely beautiful. Thank you for sharing your heartfelt words. We are family.

  2. What an absolutely beautiful and wonderful post, Bennet. Thanks for this.

  3. Amazingly beautiful, heartfelt, and inspiring post.

  4. Your words have me in tears. Beautifully written.

  5. Thank you for this beautiful post. Very touching.