June 13, 2009

Around the Neighborhood: Diabetes Power Show

Talking a walk around the neighborhood is a healthy habit. One I need to do more of both in ‘real life’ and virtually on-line. I’ll take the dogs for a stroll later when Delaney can go with me - she enjoys it and I like her company. In the mean time let’s get ready to take a quick stroll to another part of the diabetes community online.

Having a child diagnosed as Type 1 stressful time. We know we have been there twice. It is time of fear and intense focus. Sadly those two - fear and focus - tend to push away humor when you need it most.

One of the things that ads to the stress are the lows that happen as the initial insulin resistance wears off. You face two uncertainties the fear of lows, ‘cause you have been told lows are something to take seriously and WTF maybe the doctor was wrong about this diagnosis ‘cause we are using next to no insulin.

The Diabetes Power Show has a great podcast on this and a bunch of other stuff. Here is why I think it is so great, the warning at the beginning is hysterical and important. Now I intend to go on and say why I think this is so important BUT SPOILER ALERT if you are the kind of person who really has to experience thing first hand with no preconceptions go there now and listen now.

What I find so great here is their good humor and relaxed attitude with the fact that blood sugars are crashing like model buildings in a Godzilla movie. Yeah they do what they gotta do about it but it is clear that their minds aren’t so clear. I think this is hugely important. It is a great demonstration of the diminished capacity that can come with lows. The lows are taken seriously but they are not even remotely solemn about it. I listened in the car on my iPod and was literally laughing out loud not just moderately amused little lol.

They talk about diabetes as an ability. The ability to function when low and have a sense of normalcy and humor about it is a great case in point. Panic never helps anything.

I have gone back and linked this pod cast in my Newbie Advice on Insulin Resistance. I hope it will help someone someplace deal with the stress of a new diagnosis.

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