June 6, 2009

From the ADA Daily: T1 Research & CGM Stuff

The big ADA Scientific Sessions are underway in New Orleans. Other than having access to some outstanding places to eat it would be fun to be there to hears some way over my head science. There is a daily newspaper of goings on and I have a fun time reading it. (I'll cook up some nice spicy food and pretend I'm there.)

So in case any of y'all want to have a sneak peak here's the paper's link:

Page 1 has a quick summary of possible treatments. Page 8 has an article on CGMs. My standard rant about who the caregivers are applies to the CGM bit where the data stream is too much for doctors to look at but what the heck as my buddy Mark says - We are the primary care teAM.

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  1. They're serving cajun cheerios here in New Orleans :-).