June 29, 2009

Get My Head Straight

That is the point of CWD's Friend For Life. Living with disbetes takes energy from a family. That energy needs to be charges and oriented from time to time.

Being a guy I have a facination for machines. Machines don't make for better health care, better caring makes for better health care.

FFL gives me a reorientation. Gets my focus on raising kids who happen to have type 1 diabetes. It helps me get my mind off the numbers and means of care and onto the caring.

YDMV started at FFLas a way for me to both have and share that focus on the kids. Funny (a word that here means sterotypicaly not humorous) being a guy I've let my focus drift.

I find it very ironic that the Monty Python bit about machine based health care is "The Machine That Goes Ping." I need to be about the kids not the stuff. Or at least more of a balance.

I'll try. If you're smart, expect posts about The Machines That Go Ping (or are named Ping) anyway.

And maybe some focus where it should me too.

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  1. I hear you. That energy drain/focus drift happens living with diabetes too.

  2. Hi Bennett! I haven't checked YDMV in a while, but I'm excited to learn that you'll be at FFL this year. We will be going for our first time with our son, Richard, who is 2 1/2. Hope we get to meet you and your family!