June 29, 2009

Chalk It Up

We have had a herd time remembering when set were last changed.

Lowes has chalk board paint.

I painted a chalk board. It was there to remind the older kids to lock up and other critical stuff like last one in turn out the lights.

On day I was goofing around with a set. I think goofing with the supplies now and again helps put the supplies in their place, at least in the kids eyes. Stuff is just stuff Dont let it get cocky,

The real message is for the kid. Here it is. 'Your're more important than stuff. Stuff can suffer indignaty it it makes you laught at what you have to do to stay well.

Anyway I a set on the chalk board. It seemed funny at the time but I don't remember why. The set stuck. Not litterally, well it did litterally too, I mean figuratively in time. It stuck as a tool. A fun place to write when the set was last changed.

I didn't notice 'till i took its picture but it is getting friends. That is funny too.

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