June 1, 2009


Crazy weekend.

Lots of running around. Kelley graduated from high school and will be off to NYU's film and telivision program in the fall.

Mrs. YDMV did a huge job of organizing events for the graduates in the evening. Key in that was a lock in at the school gym. A good proactive measure to keep the party safe and the kids had a great time. Nice work Dear, Love Ya Mean It.

Delaney wore a very nice dress she swiped from Kelley’s closet to wear to graduation. So one is graduating and getting ready to move to the next step in life and the “little one” serves notice she isn’t so little.

Delaney has her pump burred under the dress. So naturally she needed a little boost from the pump mid ceremony and the dress was NOT pump compatible. Yes Kerri, I see we need to be on the dress with a pump pocket band wagon.

One of the other graduates moms came up at cook out commented about Delaney getting up. She smiled and pulled out her pump. She had spotted the set on Delaney’s her arm.

Nice to have someone understand. It’s a small world after all.

In that Disney frame of mind. Kelley wanted to go see Pixar's Up as a graduation present. She is a HUGE Pixar fan and as a film geek she should be. It was outstanding. Go see it. Take your little ones even if they are big.

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