August 3, 2008

Smash -a- Meter

It Is Time We Take Joe Solowiejczyk's Advice.
(Even if we can't pronounce his name.)

Life isn't just about numbers. Type 1 kids have to do what they need to do to stay health. This includes mentally healthy.

We all need to understand it is OK to hate diabetes. What is a more prominent symbol of their diabetes than the ever present meter and its numbers?

Kill the Beast!

Totally surprise your type 1 family member by stopping the car, getting the meter out and running it over. Kill the meter. If running it over with the car does not do it, smash it with a hammer or a rock.

Let your family know it OK to dislike diabetes - take it out your frustrations on a meter!

Think Wack a Mole with out a padded wacker. Gallagher were are you when we need you?

My great thanks to Joe at Friends For Life for suggesting this. I for one am convinced it helps. (It helps to have a backup meter before you sacrifice one to mental health too, reality sucks.)

So my friends here is the first ever YDMV video challenge. Smash a meter. Put the video on YouTube. Anyone have an asphalt roller? Just exactly how flat can we get one of these things?

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