February 19, 2012

Huge Props to @JDRFCapitol

Next to CWD’s Friends for like the JDRF Capital Chapter Research Summit has to be the best type 1 event of the year. Great presentation by folk dedicated to making life with diabetes better on the way to cures. The order matters. Improving care is critical and will come as a result of searching for cures.

Cures. I don’t see a magic bullet coming but I do see different approaches to tackling things that will count as a cure. Those will happen like everything does in increments. Along that journey we’ll see better care before cures. Like everything with diabetes you better care and your cure may vary. So prevention may come before restoration of beta cell function, that’s cool, steps matter.

I get energy from this summit. The strength to keep hoping.  Maybe even believing there will be a cure someday. In the mean time life progresses is being made to better. Better understanding. Better ways of care. Better Lives. That progress requires individual involvement, starting with believing, then learning and participating from knowledge.

That is how all life works, believe, learn, act.
Why should diabetes be any different than life?

More later. First things first. Thanks and appreciation to the JDRF Capital Chapter. Until then here are some links that may be interesting:

Last Year's Capital Chapter Research Summit

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