December 4, 2008

Please Remain Seated,

We (an word that here means I everyone else's computer is just fine) have been experiencing some technical difficulties. Just a minor thing like, well, XP blew up. Somehow the registry file went to locations unknown. My kids, with the Macs, are trying not to be smug, poorly.

I have been rebuilding stuff and I think have rescued my iTunes and Audible libraries. Most of what would be blogging time has been spent rummaging around my hard drive saving stuff.

I also finally finished some home improvements and close out my building permit. It only took a little more than year and a half but we have a cool kitchen dinning room living room entry and laundry. Finished is an overstatement but our work passed inspection.

Anyway I haven't been blogging or posting at CWD much.

I can say that rebuilding the house and PC have their upsides. It is nice to have the laundry out of the basement and the renovated computer is a lot faster.

I may be coming up for air here sometime.

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Brett said...


Good to hear you've gotten some things checked off the list at home, hoping my wife doesn't drop by YDMV to read of the ambition of other wives' husbands...