December 31, 2009

FTNW: Late with the news but there is an ezManager Recall

I was cleaning the table and found a recall notice buried under all the junk. Dated Dec 17:

"When you use seven (7) or more basal segments as part of basal program 1, the "Pump Settings Report" incorrectly duplicates basal segment 8 information and displays it as basal segment 7 in the printed report."

Please note: This issue is only occurring in the "Pump Settings Report." The actual settings in the insulin pump itself are not affected by this issue.

There was a URL in the letter but either I can't type (I can't) or the link doesn't work. I didn't see a link off the Animas site.

They sent out a new disk.

December 26, 2009

It is not the Holidays without Pyrotechnic Pyrex!

The YDMV crew is having a very merry Christmas.

That means a lot of cooking on my part. The 24th is Mrs YDMV’s birthday. It is the feast of the year at our house. We break out the good china and fancy glass. We do a huge dinner, sing happy birthday, party and build some momentum into Christmas when I also cook like crazy.

The birthday tradition has become dijon rosemary lamb chops. But since not everyone loves lamb I also make a rare tenderloin roast. On the side there are stir fired veggies, roasted dijon with oregano red potatoes (leftovers make KILLER home fires so make extra), fresh salad with a basal vinaigrette, cesar for Blair (he has chowed back so much salad this week I have run through 10 heads of romaine.) Dessert was a variation on bananas napoleon. Creme brulee, chocolate and carmel sauce with bananas, fresh whipped cream and phyllo shaped with holiday cookies cutters, dusted with confectioners sugar to look like snow. (SWAG the carbs on that, I have no idea and I don’t care. It’s mom’s birthday, diabetes can take a pass.)

I cooked two entrees that use radically different oven temperatures in my one oven. 260 and 450. That requires some juggling. Now I have been using a lot of 10/18 stainless this year. One of its many virtues is you can hit to with a quick quench.

Pyrex not so much. If you inadvertently hit a 450 degree Pyrex 9x13 with a shock of cold water, it explodes. Violently. In your sink. Bits go down into the garbage disposal. Some very sharp bits. It is however very spectacular and entertaining it its own right. Like fireworks in your very own kitchen. The key is to minimize the blood / food interaction. Oh and find the allen key that frees up stuck garbage disposals after dinner.

Happy Christmas, Merry Chanukah, have a great New Years and don’t forget the festive blowing up of cookware.

December 22, 2009

FTNW: To Strip or Not to Strip

That is the Question for non insulin using type 2s in Ontario.

From the News Wire: A recent study published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal challenges the need for self testing of non insulin using type 2s. The idea is that multiple daily test of BG of seniors with type 2, who are not on insulin, doesn’t produce actionable information as there is little rish of hypos. Testing may just create stress. The cost of strips is substantial and the report suggest the resources would be better spent on other T2 care alternatives.

None of this applies to T1 or insulin using T2s who risk hypos from injected insulin.

YDMV who would have thought it?