March 18, 2024

Where is My Huge Production Number?

It has been a while since I last wrote a blog post. Since then my diabetes may’ve varied. 

You would think that there would be a web site or something that could have warned me. 

Meanwhile I have seen is a parade of type 2 medication ads on TV.  Some outstanding production numbers -  serious displays of spontaneous song and dance. 

My T2 has never been an big song and dance number. It is more just slogs along and slowly change, mostly out of sight and ignored if not totally out of mind. Eventually it moved in a way that was less than ideal. Lacking the big attention grabbing song and dance, I kinda blew it off.

I can blame some on events. I severely pulled a hamstring while being an idiot trying to waterski like I was five decades younger I am. That injury pretty much eliminated physical activity other than using the TV remote for a while. The meds that were maybe enough with activity, certainly weren’t enough without it. 

But the truth was I just didn’t care. 

There got to be a little more of me particularly in the flabby side handles department, as I hobbled around to PT trying recover from the water skiing idiocy. Not so great an effort on diabetes care on my part and it showed up in the old bloodwork. It was defiantly not production number worthy. 

I decided to care a little more. I went to see the doc and we decided on some new meds. I have transitioned back to bike rides and the occasional pickleball lesson. My ‘diet’ is probably ‘better’ than the average American’s but not totally without things my diabetes likes less than I do. 

I’ll write about this some stuff in more detail future posts. 

In the meantime, I guess if there is a lesson in all this is it, and this is a shocker I know, diabetes doesn’t go away. It just varies. I gotta care just a little even if there is still no huge song and dance number. But in all honesty, I am not a singer or a dancer and I don't want a big production. I really would just like to get about everything else and keep the diabetes mostly ignored in the background.