July 30, 2009

Who is Responsible for this Mess?

Strips cost too much. Meters should be more accurate. Bring on the angry Mob!

I don’t think there is anything in diabetes-land that there is more of a love hate relationship with than meters. OK skip the love part.

If strips cost half as much, the meter was more accurate or both we would be happy. So Meter Company change your ways!

OK that is one possible outcome.

I took a lot of economics courses back when a slide rule was a cutting edge marvel. It has been a while so things may have changed in economics but one of the assumptions in the whole thing back then was that consumers are rational and will choose the most goodness for the least actual money. It was call maximization of utility and the economics professors even droned on about "utils" as if it were some commodity of consumer happiness. Ha! As if! We modern folks know the commodity of happiness is called an iPhone.

Over the years I have come to discover, and I know this is gonna be a shock but it may win me the Nobel Prize for Economics, consumers are not rational. For example witness the calm rationality that surrounds the iPhone.

Here is my point. If making test strips is in fact obscenely profitable then according to stuffy old dry economic text books, by people with names like Maynard, new producers will enter the market and provide cheaper strips, more accurate meters or both. They may even have an iPhone app in the works.

Consumers would then beat a path to the new company’s door. Users would turn their backs or possibly their middle finger to the old strip companies. To stay in the game Maynard says the old dudes, and he outta know 'cause he is one, would need to make cheaper strips, better meters and maybe an iPhone app too.

There are cheaper retail strips and more accurate meters on the market. Why complain to the old school strip maker their price is too high, vote with your feet err or fingers in this case, and change.

As consumers we have a roll in the market. Voting by changing is the most effective complaint. We found better meter options White is the new Black but Pink is still Pink.

July 27, 2009


I have been trying for days to finish this sentence: The diabetes blogger summit, hosted by Roche, in Indianapolis was ____.

So after a few days of coming up blank for the blank, I am filling the blank with the word joyous.

The diabetes blogger summit, hosted by Roche, in Indianapolis was joyous.

Diabetes, Joyous. That seems like a dichotomy.

Everybody who knows it, hates diabetes. Chief among the many thinks that makes it bad is its ability to make those who live with it feel alone. We are isolated by being the one who gets it in a sea of humanity who don’t.

Some of us are lucky to find little points of light in that isolation, some stars. We are able to reach out over the internet and connect with the page, blog or wall of someone else. That virtual connection is a blessing. A life line when you face the unfortunate consequences of dealing with people who don’t get it.

In our case it was a school, others it was maybe an insurer, a doctor, a limo driver or a family member. They don’t get our lives with the Betes and so they can’t comprehend us. As that gap widens it isolates us all them more.

This event was the people who get it.

I learned that my darkest dark was a stroll in the park compared to paths some have walked. That was a joy, not in the sense of relief that I didn’t go there too but that we were sufficiently trustworthy to be told those stories.

There are more levels to this experience but joyous is a good umbrella to cover them all.

Our challenge is the vast sea, not of people who don’t get it but those who do who haven’t found their joyousness.

July 26, 2009

D Summit - The Untrue Story Scene V


The unmistakable sound of ripping duct tape wakes Chris from the stun. He opens his eyes and sees the tourist family yanking tape at a CM’s hands. As Chris reaches for his cool spy fat Sharpie pen as one of the kids yells, “Dad he’s waking up should I blast him again so we can finish them off without any trouble?”

The pen is gone from Chris’ pocket.

“No. I’m coming, Betes Boy, thanks.”

“Thomas, Chris Thomas I presume?” asks the Dad holding up 007’s killer Sharpie. “Looking for this?”

“Training kids as assassins? Only BadShoe could be so Evil.” Chris spits. His cool steel eyes taking in the whole ugly scene, “What, you don’t have the nerve to do it yourself?”

“Not so fast secret-agent-boy. It took all of us to save you,” Zurg nods to the other bloggers and hotel staff, “and them.”.

Looking more clearly Chris sees Zurg’s kids are removing the duct tape that bound the bell services staff. Mrs. BadShoe is working on one woman with a little lip hair, “Wont hurt much more than waxing dear.”

Rip. “EEEYOW!”

“You can have your pen back now that you head is clearing.” Dad moves close and hands Chris the sharpie. “Try to avoid killing anyone. You have all the weapons - Trust us now?” Chris can read the shirt embroidery, BadShoe.com. Dad sees what Chris is looking at and says, “It’s a cover, public foolery as camouflage.”

“If it isn’t you - what is going on here?” Chris asks.

“We are not sure yet. A bunch of strange things are going on - we are not sure if they are related: Testing strip shortages driving up prices, duct tape shortages, Internet servers going down, spandex...” Dad pauses, “I’ll explain later but we have to get you out of here fast, security is already on the way. I feel they tend to poke around thing better left alone.”

Chris shifts his shorts, “So I have found.”

“Ha! Come on then.” BadShoe pulls Chris up to his feet. “Ready to go kids? Cover story Foxtrot Alpha Tango! Will pick it up at Nordstrom’s in the mall.”

“Foxtrot Alpha Tango?” Chris asks

“Just play along,” Mrs BadShoe advises as she sticks a Peter Pan shaped name tag on Chris that reads ‘Uncle Bob.’

“BadShoe’s a jerk about those military sounding letter things Foxtrot Alpha Tango – F. A. T. I think it describes his head – Fat. He thinks it stands for Family Adventure Tour. Security will let that group do any silly thing they want.” She tells Dan. “We are about to be knee deep in rent a cops and you don’t want to be answering any questions. They have seen too many episodes of NYPD blue and they all want to be Sipowicz but they have the brains of Medavoy.”

“So I have recently found out.” Chris says rubbing his butt. “But who behind…?” The doors burst open and the kids run out wildly talking about imaginary tourist stuff. Security pours in.

A suit stops them and BadShoe starts asking him questions before he can ask any of his own, “Hey man that stuff scared my kids silly! When did you ad the pyrotechnics to the lobby? Way too much, we almost got hurt! The guy in the table behind us got hurt really bad.” BadShoe starts to raise his voice. “At least we are safe over at Hilton. ”The suit hands Zurg a stack of card for a free drinks at the bar. “Oh , Thanks…” BadShoe quiets down and the suit is glad to see him go.

“Like taking candy from a baby!” BadShoe laughs. “That should cover next spring break.”

The BadShoe crew and Chris make their way from the Sheraton to the mall skipping, hopping, yelling, imitating lawn sprinklers and in general making a spectacle of themselves. As planned this makes them invisible. Other guests turn their heads and avoid eye contact. More importantly the army of security wearing neck ties and carrying radios see the Peter Pan name tags and briskly walk past seeing them only as a Family Adventure Tour group and failing to notice that there is no staff member guiding them.

Only after crawling through the cafeteria and sneaking up to scare the shoe sales people at Nordstrom’s does the group give up the pretense of the tour. “The suits passed us a while ago - what's with the crawling through the restaurant?” Chris asks?

“It is the kids’ favorite part of the tour, - got to have some fun - they can’t be spy kids all the time.” Mrs BadShoe answers. We are heading to the food court care to join us.

“No thanks, I’m going to check with M.”

“Right – We are at Hilton if you need us.”

“One more thing,” Chris asks, “How did you know I’m a secret agent?”

“Our sources let us know someone was trying to pin a maniacal megalomaniac threatens global domination by controlling a particular commodity market – probably involving rockets and or satellites in space rap on BadShoe. We have had our eye on the fake Sheraton staff for a while and they had theirs on you.” Mrs. BadShoe says. “Rockstar bit was also clue.”

“Fake staff?” Chris asks.

“At Bar – the ones who duct taped you into the chair so the falling chandelier would KILL YOU. You didn’t notice the different costumes?” Zurgswife’s said, more as of a statement of disbelief than a question.

“Well yeah they looked nice but I never thought…”

“Men,” Mrs BadShoe interrupts, “a tight bodice and your brains turn to…”

July 25, 2009

D Summit - The Untrue Story Scene IV

Scene IV: Not so Fast Q

Q has loaded up 007, a.k.a. Chris , with way cool spy toys, including a very special vehicle.

Q sent Chris off to Indianapolis via coach seats in a "RJ" - Regional Jet. You know the kind - 50 well worn out seats and they have to move people around to keep the weight and balance right before take off. Q seemed to think that this was going to be a quick and easy case of Pixar inspired inter planetary invasion. But is this a Bond parody or a Toy Story parody?

Our story continues:
Chris walks up to security, confident that with his Secret Agent Man status this would be a non-event. MGM, owner of the Bond franchise, and BadShoe aren’t all that close. This isn't his first rip off parody.

Chris is strip-searched and otherwise miss-treated by security. If you have been to an online chat this is nothing unusual for Chris.

Chris gets dressed, and walking a little funny heads out of the terminal. He stops to have his picture taken, “Your picture will be ready in about an hour. Just present this card. No obligation to buy. Goodbye Mr. Thomas” says the attractive young photographer. Chris looked over her lanyard, or there about.

Chris walks into the hotel lobby, past a guy selling a little girl a balloon. He strolls to the bar. There is a spectacular number of what Chris surmises are junkie on holiday judging by all the picture talking, syringes and infusion sets. One of the junkie tourist catches Chris’ eye. Chris thinks she must be in the College Program and gives the new her outfit the once over.

“The costuming staff does so much with so little on these projects” Chris muses to himself.

“You must be Chris,” she says, “I’m Calpumper.”

“What?” Looking up. “Oh yes.”

“Let me introduce you, over here we have a trio of Scotts and another Chris.”

“Good to meet you” The other Chris extends his hand, “so with you it's a full house Scotts over Chris’s”

007 is introduced around the room. There is much hugging and photo taking which inevitably leads to tangled set cords and much untangling.

As he approaches one group photo op Chris is surprised to see a familiar face standing on a chair. Well feet were on the chair and the face was atop the rest of the body but you get the idea.

“M?!” 007 starts to say but he is cut off.

“The name is Christel like William Tell. I don’t think we have met. And you are?” M makes it clear she is undercover as the little girl with the balloon walks by with her family.

“Cristal like my favorite sparkling wine?” Chris plays along earning a reproachful look from M.

007 mingles with the crowd and plays a few hands of Baccarat. Somehow he produces a fifth of Stoli shaken not stirred and settles in to his element. He looks sharp, like his is inviting notice, gray jacket and two earnings.

The little girl lets go of her balloon and it drifts up towards the security camera. Mayhem breaks out. The tourist kids have broken out what look like Buzz Lightyear toy lasers cannons. Mon is getting up. The hotel staff look really pissed off about the bottle of Stoli. Dad shoots the balloon with his cannon and it blows up like the Hindenburg, taking the hotel security system with it.

“Hydrogen!” Chris thinks.

The picture taking stops. Mom is beside Chris ripping something beside his chair. The kids are laying down cover file with their toy phasers. The staff and summit registration team are dropped - stunned in place. Dad has an emergency exit open and the family is herding the mass of infusion set wearing tourists out. Mom has a piece of duct tape in her hand and is pulling Chris free of the Baccarat table just chandelier comes free of the ceiling. It cuts Chris’ chair half narrowly missing him.

The family exits, Chris in tow, as the emergency lights come on. Dad shuts and holds the door shut with the tape mom had. Chris can see hotel staff in costumes on the floor bound and gagged with gray duct and he starts to take a swing at Dad. The little girl who had the balloon drops him with a green stun blast from her phaser.

As he passes out, Chris hears commotion, someone call “All clear Zurg.” Chris realizes Q must have been right.

But was He?

Next - Scene V: The Evil Emperor

D Summit - The Untrue Story Scene III - "Q"

Scene III: WHO IS Q?

At the close of the last scene, our heroes were in a large and very elaborate spy control center. All kinds of strange and violent things are happening to test dummies, so it looked a lot like the pre-show for ride Test Track at EPCOT.

“Let me sum up,” Chris says, “I was attacked by babes in spandex in the opening scene. I was good for me. Bennet couldn’t figure out how to do the traditional silhouetted naked dancer opening sequence. Maybe someone can find something at http://livinwithdiabetes.com/”

“In scene two it took forever to learn what everyone already knew when be heard my theme music: A maniacal megalomaniac threatens global domination by controlling a particular commodity market – probably involving rockets and or satellites in space.

"Right. Everyone caught up? Okay. Time for toys. "Where is Q, the much beloved senior statesman of the film series?”

“He is first in line for the bus over there.” says M. (M will no longer be “M” the quotes were a pain.)

“Q - A maniacal megalomaniac threatens global domination by controlling a particular commodity market – probably involving rockets and or satellites in space." M shouts to Q, "Can we interrupt?”

“Sure M! Oh, hello Chris!” - David

“Hi David.” - Chris

“Chris you can’t call Q, David or nobody will know who is who. Call him Q” - M

“Who?” - David

“Q's on first.” – Chris quips very please with himself.

“OK 007. Let's get down to spy toys. I still want to get a picture of George when he comes down to the lobby in a dress.” - Q

“Right Q what have you got” – Chris

Q picks up a big sharpie pen from the table, “Okay it is traditional in these things to have some heavy fire power in a writing implement.”

In previous productions MontBlanc had a product placement deal but with the cutbacks around here, we are left with a fat sharpie from lost and found. On the plus side it is big so we can stuff in more fire power.” He points the pen at your humble narrator, “Should I demonstrate?”

‘No need Q” – Chris, “Laser and explosives what type?”

“Yes. – C4. Are you sure you don’t need a demonstration?” - Q "Your Death May Vary if I don't get some respect here Mr Narrator."

“Anything else?” Chris asks trying to distract Q who is still menacing the narrator with a variety of weaponized household objects.

“Well stealthy communications devices are also standard issue. You double O types are so aggressively type A you never use them to call for help but here.” Q hands Chris a standard Motorola Razr.

Chris gives it a dirty look.

“Listen you are in a blogger summit, every other person down here has one of these mobile phone things. Anything else would look suspicious.”

“Kinda old school” Chris looks dejected, in an iPhone world a Razr is like Santa put coal in his stocking.

Given you particular mission I thought this would come in handy. Q hands 007 an Accu Chek Multi Click six shooter lancing device.

“Very nice Q” Chris says, “What does it do.”

“It is a lancing device. You put a hole in your finger and test the blood that comes out. Later Rinse Repeat”

“Yeah but what cool weapon is hidden inside Q?” – Chris

“It is a regular lancing device. Mr. Thomas. It uses a 6 lance revolver like cartridge."


"Now if you use these slightly modified cartridges well that is a different matter.”

“Yes” Chris is warming to the device finally.

“Well they I modified them by taking out the stop. You see it will not only fire a hole in your finger it will shoot the little metal shard right out of the thing. Set it on 8 and the range is about 1600 yards.”


“Now for your ride…” – Q

Chris perks up.

“… Not your standard fair. Here we have a 20 person shuttle bus.” - Q

“What the crap this is Bull Sh..” – Chris

“Now Now Mr. Thomas you have to consider the summit situation. Your typical BMW or Austin Martin just wouldn’t do.” Q interrupts.

Looking at M, Q explains, “It is has a stroked and board 455 with polished ports and the usual array of weaponry. And this is different, the air conditioning is designed to not be able to keep up with the sun so you can cook the occupants of one side of the bus simply by keeping the sun on that side. Nice if you have a load of bad guys on one side.”

Turning Back to Chris, “The usual set of controls, guns, smoke ejector seats, turns into a submarine or personal rotor-craft.”

“Why are we bothering with all this M?" Q has turned to the boss and is irritated, "An attack from space by maniacal evil megalomaniac, Bennet is writing this, how much more obvious can it be?” Q blurts out, “’BadShoe’ is known as Evil Emperor Zurg on the Disney boards don’t you people properly cyber stalk anybody.

“Lets just get this thing done, maybe Chris can get back to the hotel or Ski Lodge or where ever he left his latest. Here’s you Summit registration package, I’ll go load the vehicle.” Q hands Chris a white envelope and storms off. The package reads, “Be on the bus at 7:45 AM.”

Next up - Scene IV: Not so Fast Q

D Summit - The Untrue Story Scene II - "M"

Instructions In “M”’s field office.

We have followed Thomas, Chris Thomas back stage at the bar. The person playing the part of the barkeep turns out to be one of the Scotts. We are about to meet Chris’ secret agent controller, the elusive “M.” We enter a large and very elaborate spy control center under the hotel shops. All kinds of strange things are happening to dummies. (test dummies – not Chris & one of the Scotts.) No wonder the lobby is so small; all this spy stuff takes up too much room.

“M” approaches and pours a glass of light brown spirits from crystal decanter, presumably fine scotch whiskey. “Good of you to drop in Chris,” She hands Chris a glass,

“Nice crystal”

“It’s Christel like William Tell, how many times do I have to tell yo…”

“No “M,” Chris interrupts wryly, “Not your name the glass.” He clearly has played this same joke a number of times and “M” is not particularly amused. Chris has a sip. ““75 year old single malt from your family’s own distillery. I presume this means BadShoe has been about?”

“Yeah he drank all the good stuff, this is all that is left, not a drop of Nyquil in a thousand miles!”

“So you called, ME?” asks Chris

“Not at all Chris– Vicks is working overtime to restock the shelves. There seems to be a bad cold going around.”

“Fine, then why was I called in? I had just ditched mom and were about to become better acquainted…”

“Come, Come, Chris- No need to go into details. Naturally, there is a threat to civilization, as we know it, or we wouldn’t have called for you. Are you prepared to risk you life?” “M” asks, knowing the answer.

“Of course.”

“Good. This looks like nothing you have ever face before. A maniacal megalomaniac threatens global domination by controlling a particular commodity market – probably involving rockets and or satellites in space.” “M” says in a serious tone.

“You don’t get out much do you Christel?”

“No not really, and call me ‘M”, why”

“A maniacal megalomaniac threatens global domination by controlling a particular commodity market – probably involving rockets and or satellites in space sounds so much like every movie made about my exploits that one might think this is a parody,” quips Chris with a wink to the camera.

“Really? - Will the TBS Super Station be running a marathon of these movies?”

“I don’t know. ABC got a hold of the rights – They were going to run a big spy pictures show every week but it tanked like everything at ABC. I don’t know who has the rights now.”

“No kidding Christ.. er.. “M” – You were saying something about a megalomaniac looking to control the world before we digressed about movies?”

“That was a digression?” “M”

“Yes,” Chris

“Oh right we talking about the other power hunger megalomaniac.”

“Right has to be stopped.”


“No the bad one”

“Isn’t that what I said?”



“Who is on first?” asks Chris

“This is a little hard to follow.” The author’s wife.

“Yeah - You wouldn’t be padding this to stretch so the part with “Q” is and the cool spy toys is its own scene would you?” Chris asks, knowing the answer.

“Damn Right!” Bennet

Next Scene - Q and the cool spy tools!

D Summit - The Untold & Untrue Story

I can't yet find intelligent words to write about the D Summit event. I do have some fictitious ones that are simply for fun. And well aren't a lot more surreal than the real events.


Thomas, ChrisThomas – The D Summit Invitation

Scene I opens and we see a bottle of Dom Perignon 1993 and hear a woman’s playful giggles just as the cork pops. “Oh Chris” she whispers.

“Oh Chris?” It is another voice, another female voice but tinny as if transmitted over two test strip cans with a long string between them. The voice is coming from a small digital camera embedded in a gold Rolex. A face appears on the camera screen. “Oh Chris? Hope you are not busy. "M" needs to see you right away.”

“Right now Money Penny?” Chris asks, “Mom just stepped away and well… “

“Straight away Chris.”

“Right then,” Chris straps on the Rolex, “Shant be but a moment Dear. Hold that thought, duty calls, I’ll be right back.”

He steps out of the mountain cabin and starts skiing down the slopes. His “date” Twitters, “He is in route. #dblogsummit

Buxom ski patrol babes approach and as they get nearer Chris notices the skimpy Baywatch bathing suits bear the Logo of a certain fortune 100 company. He ducks quickly and narrowly avoids flying lancing devices.

[Insert high quality yet typical skiing chase scene here.]

Key points:
* Chris jumps off a cliff
* Looses the ski patrol babes as he flips over a shuttle bus
* Quips with guests as he slips on his gray smoking jacket coat and walks into a Casino.
* Mingles with the crowd watching sports TV in the bar and slips back stage with the bartender.

The Barkeep sets down his Bass Ale apron and without it we see it is one of the Scotts, “Good you could make it Chris hope you were not UP to any trouble.”

“Nothing I couldn’t handle.”

“Right then. “M” has a need for your special talents. You will be working in America. Typically you work with Felix, but they have assigned another field agent, cover is as a local blogger. You may need to work closely and under cover. The agent’s code name is Calpumper.”

“No problem sir. We have met on another case.”

“Fine then down to the Summit briefing.”

Next Scene “M”

July 24, 2009

From The News Wire: UT Study Delays T1 Full Onset

UT researcher: interferon alpha can delay full onset of type I diabetes

HOUSTON – (July 1, 2009) – A low dose of oral interferon alpha shows promise in preserving beta cell function for patients with newly diagnosed type 1 diabetes, or juvenile diabetes, according to researchers at The University of Texas Medical School at Houston.

The results of the Phase II trial are published today in Diabetes Care, a journal of the American Diabetes Association.

“It shows a strong trend in preserving insulin-producing beta cell function that is significantly better than placebo,” said Staley Brod, M.D., principal investigator of the trial, which includes the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK). “It can extend the ‘honeymoon phase’ of the disease, allowing the body to still produce insulin from beta cells, which correlates with decreased complication rates.”


July 22, 2009

You know you are STOOOPID tired when...

I am traveling today. So I begged for someone else's stuff to post.

Here is a lovely little bit that I think is brilliant from Joy Orz one of my fellow sleep deprived CWD parents. Joy is letting me use her material here with the following condition:
"If it gets turned into a miniseries, I choose Helen Hunt to play me."

You know you are STOOOPID tired when...

Let's just say things have been interesting around here numbers wise. I have been getting even less sleep than usual. ("But Joy, how can that be?" you ask, "you are the mother of a D toddler. Sleep shouldn't even be a word in your dictionary.")

Anyway, I am in full zombie mommy mode and I thought I'd share some of my finer moments.

The other day I couldn't figure out why my coffee maker was broken. It kept not brewing coffee and only pouring hot water. I unplugged it, checked the buttons, even took the darn manual out. Then I looked in the filter. Yep, no beans. Can life be any more cruel than not having enough brain power to even make coffee, because you REALLY NEED SOME COFFEE?

Ok, this one's even better. I have a little kit that goes with Ava's meter. It's got the usual, meter, strips, wipes, lancet, etc. And I put a pen light in that slides in on the side. So in the middle of the night after I checked her, I was sort of fumbling around in the covers and collecting everything to put back in the kit. I found the meter, strips, and lancet, but couldn't find the dang flashlight. I kept looking for it, shining a light where I thought it would be.

Yeah, SHINING A LIGHT where I thought it would be....

Ok, your turn...

Thanks Joy
Love Ya / Mean It

July 21, 2009

Of Mice and Men: Genetic Toggle Switch

Guess what? Mice are in the T1 news!

Science Daily reports, "Discovery Of Genetic Toggle Switch Inches Closer To Possible Diabetes Cure" Key words, Inches & Possible. Missing word: Mouse.

The readers diagest vesion is they find that, "the pancreas and biliary system by concluding both organs share a common cellular ancestry in the early mouse embryo." They also find a switch that makes one or the other.

Good to see the mice back in the news, kinda, sorta, maybe...

"With this study showing us that turning one gene on or off in a mouse embryo instructs a cell to become pancreatic or biliary, now we'll see if that same gene, Sox17, can be used to direct an embryonic stem cell to become a biliary cell instead of a pancreatic cell. This might be used one day to replace a diseased pancreas or bile duct in people," said Dr. Wells.

The study explains that Sox17 initially works in conjunction with two other genes (the transcription factors Pdx1 and Hes1) to decide which organ fate ventral foregut progenitor cells will take. Researches demonstrated that Sox17's key role begins when the mouse embryo is 81/2 days old. If Sox17 toggles one way, with its expression repressed by its interaction with Hes1, then Pdx1 more or less takes over to prompt formation of the ventral pancreas. If Sox17 toggles the other way to increases its expression, the gene helps set off formation of the biliary system.

Oh and the baboons are looking for press too: Previously Unseen Effects Of Protein Buildup In Diabetic Baboons' Pancreases Found

July 18, 2009

From the News Wire: Meters Vary

The NYT reports that the accuracy of meters isn't all that great. OK maybe not huge news, but now the Feds maybe on the case.


Federal officials may soon require improvements for the glucose monitors used by more than 11 million diabetics in the United States.

The rise in the use of home glucose monitors, even by hospitalsFood and Drug Administration, which for decades has followed international standards that allow the devices to be wrong by as much as 20 percent. Such a wide error rate can leave patients vulnerable to severe problems, including seizures,unconsciousness and coma....

In June, the agency pressed the international group that sets the standards to tighten them. If the group refuses to act, the agency “may instead recognize other (higher) performance standards” on its own, according to a June letter from Dr. Margaret A. Hamburg, the agency commissioner.

A change in the international standards is the easiest and best option, officials said. The International Organization for Standardization, which sets the standards, can act quickly and broadly. But the F.D.A. can change the rules itself through a more time-consuming and cumbersome process.

Officials said they would keep pushing until monitor accuracy improves, a promise that diabetes doctors cheered...

<more at the Times>

Who are these Officials? Are there guys with whistles and black and white stripped shirts running around somewhere refereeing diabetes? 'Cause if there are I want to do some jaw boning.

Better meters would be cool. but hey ref could you maybe blow the whistle on the moving picks on the insurance people who make us do the hoop game?

Oh and it is nice that the doctors are cheered. Those of us living with these things simply know that one of the things that varies with diabetes is meter readings. We also know that while the refs may have a technical timeout in June to hold a conference about the meters nobody told diabetes and it keeps acting like the clock is running. So we keep playing D with the meters we got.

All the more reason we use WaveSense.

(sorry for the bizarre use of fonts this started in a test run of Safari and I still haven't been able to get it cleaned up.)

July 17, 2009

From the News Wire: Misc iPhone and Mobile News

News bits of note around the web:

Diabetes Health has an interesting article by Matthew Tendler on Diabetes and iPhone. The iPhone buzz is very huge in diabetes land. IMHO the key isn’t the phone part it is the fact that the thing has enough computing power and useable enough interface in a small package to do good stuff. The fact that it's a phone means folks are likely to tote that power around.


Matt’s Gluco Buddy getting in with Accu-Chek is the topic of another articles here:

Finally Mobihealthnews has a detailed article on Qualcom pulling out of the Mobil health business. Do ya think all the buzz on the iPhone has anything to do with that?


July 16, 2009

Monty Python, Harry Potter, Peter Pan & Kerri

"..I had grown up a smidge.." Kerri

Acting grown up is over rated. As a kid, I believed that it was a scam. Now that I am an old fart certifiable by my eligible for an AARP card I can say with certainty, I was right. Most of the grown up behavior norms are an expectations solemnity when serious is what is intended.

Being serious about what you do has little to do with being solemn. Find a way to love what you do. Even the stuff you hate like diabetes. We can be serious about diabetes care actions without making them into Stations of the Cross. In fact as our buddy Joe points out there is some mental health value in dethatching the emotion from the acts and having some fun with the negative feeling. Kick it up a notch and laugh at it.

Dare I evoke the wizardry of Harry Potter? Is there much I won’t do if dared? I am a guy and after all, a significant percentage of the stupid things done in history are ‘cause someone dared a male of the species.

Anyway how does a wizard deal with a boggart? The spell "Riddikulus" while thinking of something very funny. A dementor? A patronus. Positive repels negative.

I further cite the renowned philosopher John Cleese, yes that one, the python, from bit he published in the Wall Street Journal Editorial pages many moons ago when I was an old fart wannabe:

I'd feel distinctly nervous if I were advocating the use of humor in the managerial setting before the Central Committee of the East German Communist Party, to a convention of IRS accountants or, worse still, at a Nuremberg rally. There is a certain cast of mind that does not see the point of humor. Not everyone agrees that humor can improve creativity, help organizations adapt to change and help people learn from their mistakes. The trouble is, we sometimes confuse being serious with being solemn.

When humor is present we lose not seriousness, but only solemnity. And the value of solemnity is overrated because it often induces in people feelings of pomposity, rigidity and a corresponding loss of ordinary, human warmth and easy, open communication. Solemnity has the effect of encouraging people especially the most important ones to feel even more important than they normally do. And I seriously doubt whether anything that tends to increase the egotism of our political and business leaders is healthy.

I'd go further and suggest that a lot of solemnity is due to the fact that the egotistical kind of leader fears humor in all its forms, since he or she knows that any kind of humor threatens self-importance. And what the usefulness of self-importance is I've yet to discover.

The whole WJW letter is here until Dow Jones figures out it is a pirate job:

What does this have to do with diabetes, and more to the point Kerri’s misguided efforts at growing up? Everything. Humor helps us adapt to the changing challenges and feelings that go hand in hand with the fact that Your Diabetes May Vary. It is a beacon of ordinary human warmth and easy open communications. John Cleese says so, so it is true.

Keep being serious and shrug of solemn as a false goal.

Kerri didn’t you ride Peter Pan at Disney World?

(This started as a comment on Kerri’s Post but I went nuts. Go figure.)

From the News Wire: Ping Canada

For those of you in the Great White North, Ping Aproved. (And I think the FDA is slow....)

From: http://www.bizjournals.com/philadelphia/stories/2009/07/13/daily30.html

Health Canada granted marketing approval Wednesday to Animas Corp. for its OneTouch Ping glucose management system

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July 13, 2009

Test & Tu

4 pm EST on July 14th

Test and Log in.

See: http://tudiabetes.com/forum/topics/14k-people-with-diabetes-test

Jazz is All That

We are big fans of WaveSense meters. Their new Jazz another hit with the YDMV family. Connor switched over and now both kids are now using them. Mrs. YDMV was talking them up to everyone she met at FFL if not actually draging them over to the WaveSense booth. You know who y'all are. You can thank her next year.

We like that the Jazz uses the same small sample size as a Presto, about half what the one touches needed. Same fast read. No err 5. The Jazz has the same big numbers for my crappy eyes at 2:36 am checks that I liked in the Presto. Yet it's a little smaller and looks a little sportier (or at least not as boxy.) Still no coding. New meal time marking and other stuff I haven't features I figured out yet including a smiley face.

Good. Good. Good. Iffy on the :)

WaveSense meters make accuracy claims I can not confirm or deny. It isn't that I am trying to go all Dick Cheney. It is that I know Bruce Buckingham and I am no Bruce Buckingham. My claim understanding the science of accuracy and 69 cents will get you a small coffee at McDonald's. Ya can't prove science by me other than the WaveSense metres work great for us.

The Jazz comes in a bunch of colors and so do the cases. Colors count in a family with two T1s - everyone knows who's goes with who. Pearl is the new Black as far as Delaney is concerned.

Avid YDMV readers (OK I know there are none but humor me here,) know I dinged WaveSense about the light turning off just about the time I need to read it in the post titled Prestodigitation.

Well they fixed it in the Jazz. The back light stays on no problem. Kerri busted me by claiming I would now complain about battery life, so Kerri, I here by do solemnly swear, I will not bitch about battery life from longer lasting back lights.

Not only that - I think it needs a cool blue glowing flip flop logo like the necklaces they gave out in prior years. We still have some of those on Delaney's dresser and they are still Way Cool. I like the beach vibe. So it is no surprise I liked the Hawaiian shirts of previous years better than this year's theBetes.net green polos. (theBetes appreciated the look, I asked him.)

I had high hopes for Bluetooth in addition to blue flip flops. While it (Bluetooth not blue flip flops)is clear of the FDA they aren't yet in the Jazz (Bothe Bluetooth and Blue Flip Flops) - Yet. Bummer. Collecting and downloading meters is a pain and I don't bother doing it.

In all fairness I need to point out that Connor won an iPod Shuffle from these dudes (I use dudes here in a no gender specific context, however if that is a problem for some readers please feel free to substitute "dudes and babes" to be more politically incorrect) three FFLs ago before they had a meter on the market. It is buried in some drawer and didn't influence Delaney's choice a year and a half later to use their meters.

The customer service around Pink may have had some influence but you will need to read the comments on the posts to see it. I am sure nobody reads the commentes here so I think I can get away without disclosing that WaveSense has great service that influences our feelings about their meters.

Neither Dick Cheney or I can not confirm or deny the influence of the still Way Cool glowing flip flop necklaces on the dresser on any meter choices.

July 11, 2009

Hey Compliance Dude

I saw her coming back from the dance and she was way happier than going. That is good.

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The Betus boy sword fighting at Pirates

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July 8, 2009

Professional Pokie Jamokie

The kids are in some kind of trial where they get paid actual cash money for testing their blood. They are all about this professional blood testing deal.

They are testing and logging like I have never seen. Apperently Bribery will get you anywhere.

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July 6, 2009

BG on DS no BS

Bayer is introducing DIDGET a Nintendo DS carridge fo checking blood glucose.

Bayer’s DIDGET™ Blood Glucose Monitoring System

Bayer’s DIDGET™ is the only blood glucose meter that plugs into a Nintendo DS™ or Nintendo DS™ Lite system. This unique meter helps encourage consistent testing with reward points that children can use to buy items within the game and unlock new game levels. And, since the DIDGET™ meter is based on Bayer’s trusted CONTOUR™ system, you know you’re getting a meter that’s reliable.


Also an online community

I am all or the idea of bringing the daily care tasking into kids lives and on their terms. Rock on Bayer.

This ain't Brimmley's meter.

Wonder if they will have one at FFL on Wednesday? Wonder if the will have the big screen Rock Band.....

Talk To Me Connor's Street Auudition.

The boy auditioned for the American Idol show at Disney. He sang talk to me for Bye Bye Birdie.

Sorry iPhone no video

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July 5, 2009

Do Crunch Berries Count as Fruit

After a P&J the boy needed a bowl of Captain Crunch. A little bowl. A serving bowl. Do crunch berries count as fruit?

At least he had the pump at the ready.

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July 4, 2009

From The News Wire: Experiment Type 1 Vaccine

Fun science article (I know it sounds like an oxymoron) from the AP on trials of T1 vaccines. There are a few good one liners in it these are my top two:

"It bothers me all the people who say, 'Can't you just exercise and get rid of it?'" said Berg-Fulton of Millvale, Pa., who was diagnosed just before her 10th birthday. "Type 2 gets all the attention. This is Type 1 — we die from this."

"I'm getting poked for science,"

From the News Wire: Retinopathy Research

Study Suggests Natural Compound Stops Retinopathy

ScienceDaily (July 3, 2009) — Researchers at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center have found a way to use a natural compound to stop one of the leading causes of blindness in the United States. The research appears online this month in the journal Diabetes, a publication of the American Diabetes Association.

The discovery of the compound’s function in inflammation and blood vessel formation related to eye disease means scientists can now develop new therapies –including eye drops – to stop diabetic retinopathy, a disease which affects as many as five million Americans with Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes.

“There is no good treatment for retinopathy, which is why we are so excited about this work. This opens an entirely new area for pharmaceutical companies to target,” said Jay Ma, the principal investigator on the project and a research partner at the OU Health Sciences Center, Dean A. McGee Eye Institute and the Harold Hamm Oklahoma Diabetes Center.

more at: http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2009/07/090702112842.htm

July 3, 2009

Who is Who


The twerp who is sterling my tweets

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Tweeting Twit

Oh it is on.

The boy tweets. So what the heck I gave it a try. Then I find he is steeling my material!

We were walking into Soarin' and the T1 kids are all about the smell of sugar coated roasted nuts. I say, "It is so strong they should bolus."

He tweets it.

It is gonna be a war of the twits.


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July 2, 2009

Houston We Have a ....

Houston? I am going to Orlando.

And what is this Delayed deal?

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From the News Wire: Roche & Glucose Buddy

Glucose Buddy inks deal with Roche

From Mobihealthnews

MYLEstone Health, developer of the Glucose Buddy iPhone app, is working with Roche Diagnostics’ Accu-Chek to add its educational program to the Glucose Buddy diabetes management app. Even though the addition of Accu-Chek’s educational program to the iPhone app is a far cry from meter integration, MYLEstone co-founder Matthew Tendler told mobihealthnews, it is a step in the right direction and it will bring substantial value to people with diabetes and iPhones.