May 31, 2010

Diabeticfeed is Coming Back - Yeah!

Great news on Facebook this morning. DiabeticFeed is coming back. This was my favorite source of news back in our T1 newbie days. I can't wait to have the feed on my phone.

We're back.

We're pleased to announce that diabeticfeed is back after a four year hiatus!

Join us as we begin podcasting again with the latest news, information, and people that make an impact in the diabetic community.

Thank you to all those who wanted us to continue! Expect a new podcast this week!

Can't wait until then? Get the latest updates from diabeticfeed by:

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May 25, 2010


Thanks 50 thousand times!

YDMV reached the 50k visit mark yesterday. Thanks to everyone of you who has stopped by. I did a little quick math and that is more visits than test strips on the floor in the same amount of time - Impressive because with two kids pumping, we get a hell of a lot of strips on the floor.

Is it possible for a strip to get into the trash without first hitting the floor?

YDMV started because my daughter challenged me to share my views on type 1 and parenting. Thanks Kelley for throwing down that gauntlet. Thanks for the challenges you, Blair, Connor and Delaney share with mom and I every day. Each and every new experience you guys bring us has been a joy. OK some take a little while to have the joy part come out but it always does.

By the way Kelley is responsible for the visual make over that comes with the 50k mark. Hope y'all like it.

It seems a little ironic that YDMV crosses this milestone while I have been spending a lot of effort on another creative challenge. This one I brought to Kelly - a turn about is fair play. While I may have let posting to YDMV slip a little, our focus on the DOC has not. I think y’all will really like the results of that other project. Stay tuned.

In the mean time please know you readers have given me back a lot thanks. LY/MI. 

May 7, 2010

Bayer DIDGET: First Look

The DIDGET has landed. Here's a first pass quick look and some initial impressions. As we get some experience with it I will share more details.

First things first -  Disclosure. Bayer was kind enough to send a meter for review at no charge to my personal pocketbook. Schwing! They also sent me an extra can of strips. Bonus Schwing! I made no promises other than to speak my mind and to make full disclosure that they gave me the stuff if I wrote about it. So there ya go.

DIDGET a meter and a Nintendo game. Like the old SNL bit it a floor wax and a dessert topping. Well except DIDGET is for real. I have been interested in this meter since it was announced. I think outside the box is cool and this thing is clearly different.

DIDGET seems to be trying to reach T1 kids where they live. It says, “You’re kids, you like games here’s a care tool that tries to be fun.” A significantly different approach than, “... or you will die.” Now don’t get me wrong there is a place for, “... or you will die.” Specifically in the Top Gear Botswana special. The relevant part of that starts about 30 seconds into this:

We love top gear and the specials are just brilliant. I suggest you buy them in iTunes as the quality is way better than YouTube and this is quality TV. Watch them with your kids. It is way more fun than diabetes.

OK back to the what is inside the box, Here is the DIDGET unpacking sequence:

You have a bright kid friendly box.

It unfolds 

Inside is a pack of documentation including user guides for both the meter and game in english and spanish.

It a lot of stuff when it all gets unpacked. 

At about this point my soon to be a teen started paying attention and was psyched that it was a meter. Somehow that hadn’t sunk in.

Possibly I don’t read the user guides that well but this is the first meter that I recall having an issue with the direction it gets held to test. Anyone else ever read that in a meter manual? I feel the need to test upside down and backwards just to see if it makes any difference. This is the point of the book Delaney and I added "... or you will die" to every sentence we read in the users guide and it got to be quite funny.

Over at CWD some parents have expressed concern that the DIDGET rewards in range numbers and because that is indirectly punishing numbers that is a problem. Their point being numbers are numbers not good or bad. So what does DIDGET do?

Well we just unpacked it so the jury is still out. The book says it does give slightly higher game points for in range numbers than out of range numbers (or you will die.) More significantly the game rewards multiple test in a day up to 4 test. It also rewards consecutive days of testing with bonus points if user tests at least 3 times a day (or you will die.) Here is the section of the meter manual on game points.

We haven't been using it enough to see what the game / meter interaction is. Not that I will let a little thing like not having a clue keep me from opining on the matter. I think parental actions have a bigger effect than any game will on punishing numbers. I include passive aggressive signals in that and I am guilty of far worse than a few points in a game, like projecting instead of joking "or you will die."

More importantly (not than you will die) I think the goal, as I read it, is to support having fun and build a habit of regular testing with positive feed back. Again I think parental signals are more important than any game but I think giving families tools that reinforce the idea of positive feed back for good habits is brilliant.

On the plain old meter side of things DIDGET has two levels of settings: basic and advanced. Advanced gives you the option of before and after meal marking, after meal reminders and the above mentioned personal settings for HI and LO.

So far very good.


May 6, 2010

FTNW: Dexcom Earnings Call

The Dexcom Earnings call went up on Seeking Alpha 5/5. It sounds like they will be out with pump CGM integration with OmniPod sooner than with Animas.

With regard to Pump CGM integration Terry Greg said:
Shifting to our insulin pump partnerships, we are pleased to report that we have filed a PMA supplement with the Food and Drug Administration for our first generated integrated system with Insulet Corporation. We're extremely excited about the combination of our SEVEN PLUS system with the OmniPod Insulin Management System which will merit Insulet's unique [tubeless] insulin delivery device with our best in class CGM technology.

Although we cannot predict the ultimate decision or timing for a decision by the FDA, we typically expect a PMA supplement to be subject to 180 day review cycle, give or take a few months, and we hope to be positioned to launch a first product with Insulet late this year or early next.

But as you're well aware the timing of the regulatory process is uncertain. With respect to Anima, we continue to push forward on the development of a modified transmitter capable of supporting a unified global launch by Anima*. And while the development cycle has taken slightly longer than expected, we remain committed to filing a PMA supplement with the combined DexCom Anima's* system later this year as well.

*Animas - I quote'm like they write'm
Later they said of the Animas trasmitter:
Ben Andrew - William Blair
... And then you talked about the modified transmitter for Animas to launch and filing the PMA supplement later this year. Is that kind of a year end sort of event given some of the delays you've seen Terry or can we look for it before then.
Terry Gregg
Well we're still going through the technical review of that as late as last night with their folks being here. Obviously, if we can pull that in earlier, we will since it is a brand new transmitter versus the existing transmitter with the Gen3 system. Some of those still challenge us. So I would not want to predict other than in the comments that I made by the end of the year.

On the CGM The Next Generation:
I'm pleased to report that we have successfully completed a pivotal trial for our fourth generation short-term sensor, and we expect to file a PMA supplement with the FDA before the end of the quarter. In addition to improved manufacturing ability and reduced cost, our goal with Gen4 is to bring the market a next generation sensor, which will offer an unmatched level of performance and ease of use for our patients.

I expect to give additional color on the key attributes of Gen4 during our next earnings call post PMA submission, and of course we will not stop with Gen4, and we are equally excited about the progress we've made on the development of a fifth generation sensor, which we've mentioned may have application not only as a future ambulatory sensor, but also as a subcutaneous sensor for use in the hospital outside of critical care.

Full disclosure I own shares in Dexcom. My kids use Dexcom.

The Boy's Oritorical Presentation

Connor right after his appendix was yanked out.

ANCSS Oratorical Event 2010: Connor - "You're Welcome" from Academy of the New Church on Vimeo.